sanicula aqua

Looks old and thin. Marasmus. Body smells like old cheese. Child kicks off covers at night. Enlarged feeling in throat, vagina, etc. Thick, yellow, acrid pus.

Stubborn and touchy. Can't bear cold air on occiput and neck. Eyelids stick to balls. Fluent coryza, < eating. Water smells like old, musty rain water. Aphthæ. Craves bacon, or ice cold milk. Stool of one, large, heavy mass; impacted. Briny urine or leucorrhœa, < stool. Backache, < putting hands behind him or raising arms. Cold lumbar spine. Lumbago. Cold clammy hands and feet. Cramps in feet. Burning soles. Dry, brownish skin, < neck. Profuse sweat on occiput and neck. Foul foot sweat; chafes toes, destroys shoes or stiffens the hose; sticky.