sanguinaria canadensis

Redness; abdominal; tongue, etc. BURNING HEAT AND EBULLITIONS. Dry mucous membranes. Burnt feeling; tongue. Burning; in throat; under sternum; spot or stitches in chest; palms and soles, etc. General pulsation. Congestion; to head, abdomen, chest, etc. Symptoms ascend, or end in bilious vomiting. Migraine. Internal rawness. Acrid, blood-streaked or foul discharges. Lies on back with head elevated.

Irritable and bilious. Grumbling. Borrows trouble. Pain over right eye or ASCENDS FROM OCCIPUT TO OVER R. EYE, > free urination. Sun pains. Swelled temporal veins. Pain at root of nose. Coryza; stopped, then diarrhœa. Sensitive to odors. Red, burning cheeks. Hectic spot. Full and tender behind angle of jaw. Anterior tongue looks red, like raw beef. Palate feels scalded. Sorethroat (r); pains to ear and chest. Craves spices. Averse to butter. Nausea, < sneezing or blowing nose, > eating. Tension in epigastrium. Stomach pains to right shoulder. Bilious or gushing stools. Acrid leucorrhœa. Larynx full and dry; in singers. Coughs; raises foul air, tough, bloody plugs or purulent sputum, or passes flatus; dry, tickling - behind sternum, in evening. Pneumonia. Phthisis. Itching axillæ, < before menses. Cutting, stiff right deltoid, < raising or turning arm. Omodynia; < night. Wrinkled palms. Dry skin; of jaundice. Polypi. Pain in bones near surface. Flushes of heat, rising into face and head; with headache. Burning, scanty sweat. General pulsation. Heat of palms and soles, < covers.