Sambucus nigra


Mind.-- Periodical delirium, with frightful visions and hallucinations. Unspeakable anxiety, with trembling and restlessness. Extraordinary tendency to start. Continuous peevishness. Crying and weeping. Terror. Fright followed by suffocative attacks.

Vertigo.-- Early in morning when rising.

Head.-- Pressive, stupefying ache, as from intoxication. Congestion to. The head is bent backwards.

Nose.-- Stuffed coryza (especially in nurslings), it hinders breathing through' nose.

Face.-- Puffed, dark blue. Red, burning spots on cheeks were swollen.

Teeth.-- Tearing and sticking in, with a feeling as though' cheeks were swollen.

Mouth.-- Dryness in, and in fauces, without thirst. Pains in throat.

Stomach.-- Dull pressure in gastric region.

Vomiting: First of food, then of bile. With suffocation and anxious trembling.

Abdomen.-- Pinching in, with discharge of much flatulence, after taking cold. Pressive pain in, with qualmishness, when leaning it against a sharp edge.

Hypochondria: Piercing pain in.

Urine.-- Urging to urinate, with scanty discharge, with profuse discharge. Thin urinary stream.

Sexual Organs.-- Swelling of scrotum (following injury).

Female.-- Menses: Increased, even amounting to hemorrhage.

Respiration.-- Rapid, whistling, crying r. violent suffocative attacks on awakening after midnight (from slumber, with half - open eyes and mouth), like laryngismus stridulous, with bloated, blue hands and face crying, grasping about with hands, and heat, without thirst. Rattling, wheezing. Membranous croup. Oppression of chest, with pressure in stomach and nausea. Tightness of chest.

Cough.-- Attacks of suffocative cough with crying, excited by spasm of chest. Rough, hollow cough, with great restlessness and blue face. Dry, at night, during day, scanty, tenacious, mucus expectoration of a sweetish, putrid, or somewhat salty taste.

Larynx, etc.-- Inflammation of trachea. Much tenacious mucus in.

Chest.-- Pressure, as of a heavy load on, with suffocative anxiety. Constriction of sides. Pulmonary consumption, with profuse, exhausting sweat.

Back.-- Stitches from within outward under scapulae. Pressive pain in spinal column.

Upper Extremities.-- Dark blue puffiness of forearm and hands. Stitches in both wrists. Beating about with hands. Burning in palms of hands.

Lower Extremities.-- Deep, sharp stitches in shinbones. Sense of deadness, going to sleep, and coldness in middle of (r.) shinbone. Icy - cold feet with warm body.

Generalities.-- General trembling from anxiety and ebullition of blood. Dropsy. Consumption. Amelioration is felt when sitting up in bed. Most symptoms appear when resting the body and disappear during motion.

Skin.-- Bloatedness and dark red swelling with tension after contusions.

Sleep.-- Sleepless yet sleepy. Slumber, with half open eyes and mouth. Starting up in sleep, with anxiety, shortness of breath amounting even to suffocation, and with trembling.

Fever.-- Pulse: Variable: Mostly small and very quick, sometimes accelerated, often also full and slow. Strong ebullitions throughout body. Chill: Running over whole body, with crawling here and there. Shuddering c. with cold hands and feet. Heat: Over whole body, as soon as he falls to sleep after lying down, with aversion to uncover, without thirst. Burning heat of face with icy cold feet. Sweat: Extraordinary profuse by day and night, even lasting through' the apyrexia, but only when awake, it breaks out on face first. Extremely exhausting s. general night sweat, except on head, increasing toward morning. Constant while awake, which Immediately passes into dry heat during sleep.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars., Ars, chin., Rhus-t.,