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Mind.-- Good humor and dullness of intellect, alternating with mental excitement and insensitive disposition. Sensory illusions over body. Anxious restlessness. Easily terrified by the least noise. Peevishness and anger. Imaginary diseases.

Vertigo.-- Faint - like, blackness comes before the eyes.

Head.-- Painful pressure in forehead and temples, with dizziness. Outward pressure in temples (r.). Headache radiating from the right side. Stupefying ache with fluent coryza, burning and itching crawling like term in on scalp. Worse: Morning, mental exertion, sitting in room after walking in open air. Better: Pressure, lying, after eating.

Scalp: Burning itching mostly on forehead and behind ears, from whence a hot feeling spreads over entire body, scratching causes violent tickling and sticking with red spots, which later cover themselves with scurfs, becoming heated and when sweating.

Eyes.-- Pressure on eyeball when looking up. Lachrymation from almost any cause and from pains in other parts of body.

Ears.-- Tickling in, cracking before, which re - echoes a long time therein.

Nose.-- Pleasant tickling in wings. Dry sensitiveness in upper part. Nosebleed of bright red blood. Intolerance of odor of garlic. Fluent coryza. Short concussive sneezing, with headache, Alternate stoppage of one, then the other nostril.

Face.-- Burning heat and redness of. Hot, after drinking wine. Skin spotted, resembling tetter. Cracking in both maxillary joints when opening mouth wide.

Teeth.-- Drawing in, especially when walking in open air. Sticking pain in lower molars. Bluish gums.

Mouth.-- Dry, without thirst. Much sweetish saliva in. Burning dryness in throat. Roughness and scraping in throat, with constant inclination to swallow. Sense as of a lump in throat, which necessitates swallowing. Difficult swallowing. Thick yellowish - coated tongue. Excoriative (sore) pain on tip of tongue.

Appetite: Loss of. Intense craving with ravenous desire for sweat things, honey or pastry. Aversion to coffee, wine, meat and acids. Thirst, especially for cold water, in evening.

Taste: Bitter or disgustingly sweat.

Eructation, etc. - Heartburn. Waterbrash.

Nausea, etc. - Weakness in stomach with shivering. The inclination to vomit before eating, is afterward. Vomiting of lumbrici.

Stomach.-- Burning or cold sensation in. Sore pain under pit when pressed

Hypochondriac: Burning and digging in hepatic region. Stitches in.

Abdomen.-- Burning or cold sensation in. Turning and twisting in (from worms). Sticking in. Cutting, like a knife, then bright yellow diarrhoea, in forenoon. Bellyache from lumbrici or tape worm. Red spots on.

Flatulence, Grumbling and rumbling in abdomen, as from emptiness.

Stool.-- Hard, retarded. Violent urging, with scanty discharge. Fluid diarrhoea mixed with mucus and blood, it floats on the water. Passage of tape and round worms.

Rectum.-- Violent itching and crawling in.

Urine.-- Thick, hot, turbid. Urging, with scanty discharge and burning in urethra.

Sexual Organs.-- Diminished sexual desire.

Menses. - diminished and interrupted.

Respiration.-- Whistling. Hot wheezing breath. Short.

Cough.-- Short, tickling c., excited by roughness and scraping in throat, dry at night, during day, expectoration of tenacious yellowish mucus of a repulsively sweat taste, or else of bright red blood. Immediately upon lying down. Dry, causing heat, sweat and watering of eyes. Asthmatic, with stitches in vertex, Vomiting and pains in the stomach.

Larynx.-- Scratching in. Hawking of bright red blood which comes from posterior nares. Hoarse husky voice.

Chest.-- Burning in. Sticking in, coughing and taking a deep breath, without fever or thirst. Pain from right shoulder into chest, as though' a band arrested the circulation. Wheezing in.

Back.-- Bruised pain in lumbar region and back, especially when sitting.

Upper Extremities.-- Stitches in muscles of arms. Convulsive upward tossing of arms. Red spots on arms and hands. Desquamation along side of finger nails. Thick, ribbed nails.

Lower Extremities.-- Stitches in muscles of thighs. Lameness, especially in knees. Tension in calves. Swollen feet, with sensitive soles when stepping. Too nails thick, crumpled, inflamed.

Generalities.-- Great weariness, heaviness and relaxation of body. Awkward, reeling manner in gait and action. Sensitiveness to cold, which also intensified the symptoms. Many pains move from right to left. Renewal or intensification of symptoms in forenoon or in hours before midnight as well as during rest and in the cold. Many symptoms appear especially during new and full moon. Persons who suffer from worms.

Bones.-- Painful drawing in limbs, seemingly in bones. Pains, especially in joints, as though' one were scraping about or cutting them inside with a knife.

Skin.-- Parchment like dryness of. Violent needle - like stitches under. Red spots and stripes which are more pronounced during the cold stage.

Sleep.-- Great day sleepiness, especially in forenoon.

Fever.-- Pulse: - small but somewhat jerky. Great ebullition and throbbing in blood vessels. Feeling as if the blood stagnated. Chill: Afternoon and evening, recurring at exactly the some hour, of ten without subsequent heat. Predominating, especially on extremities, with heat of face. Shivering running upward, mostly along back. Chilliness and shivering with heat of face, without thirst. Relieved by warmth of stove. Consisting of chill only, with anorexia, Heat: Most on head and face, often interrupted by shuddering, recurring at the same hour. Thirst occurs between chill and heat only. Often sweat during heat. Internal dry heat, at night and early in morning, with moderate thirst. Sweat: In morning. During sleep hot s., on face with coldness of rest of body.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Gel., Plat., Puls.

Complementary: Sep.