Rhus toxicodendron


Mind.-- Want of recollection. quiet delirium. Sad, anxious and tearful. Anxiety, with fear of death or of being poisoned. Anxious desire to commit suicide. Great restlessness keeps him in constant motion. Stupidity. Unconsciousness. Desires to be alone. Easily startled.

Vertigo.-- As though intoxicated, he is inclined to fall forward or backward, when rising from bed. Stupefying confusion of head, with mental obtusion and gloominess.

Head.-- Congestion, with burning and throbbing therein and great physical restlessness. Pressure: As if brain would he forced out of forehead, in temples. Stupefying pains, with buzzing therein. Sticking, going outward as far as eyes and zygoma. Aching in occiput, especially in protuberances. Feeling: Of painful crawling in brain, most in occiput, of flapping or fluctuating with each step, as if brain were loose, as if rent or shattered, of thrusts in, of a weight falling forward within, on stooping, as if brain were torn, more behind ears and in occiput. Tearing pains externally especially from forehead and temples down to ears. Heaviness. Heat in, especially after beer. Worse: Cold, on becoming, bathing, air, wet weather. Uncovering. Moving eyes. Shaking head. After walking. Ascending. Sitting or lying still. Touch. Early morning, on awaking. Stooping. Better: Motion, gentle motion. Wrapping up head, warmth. After sweat. Dry weather.

Scalp: Swelling of head and face, with tensive pain on crawling and numbness. As painfully sensitive as a boil. Feels contracted as from clutching the hair. Erosive crawling and unendurable sticking itching, more on temples and behind ears, as he begins to scratch but it soon exudes moisture, burns, inflames and thickens, forming thick offensive painful scabs which eat the hair off. Dry herpes on. Smell soft growth on. Worse: Night, warmth of bed, during seat, brushing hair back, touch, on side lain on, cold air.

Eyes.-- Inflamed, with red sclerotic. Lachrymation. Edematous swelling of, and of surrounding parts. Agglutinated, at night. Paralytic stiffness of lids, mostly in evening. Pale vision. Progressive paralysis of optic nerve.

Ears.-- Bloody, purulent discharge from, with difficult hearing. Inflammatory swelling of parotid glands.

Nose.-- Nosebleed at night and when stooping. Ulcerated nostrils discharging stinking pus. Erysipelatous swelling of, which spreads sidewise beneath eyes.

Face.-- Sickly, pale, with pointed nose and blue rings under eyes. Distorted, drawn away. Yellow, after every attack: Swelling, with glistening redness. Vesicular erysipelas, the vesicles are full of yellow moisture, with burning crawling, they dry into burning itching crusts. Acne rosacea with a clean skin. Eruptions with ichorous exudates. Cramp like pain in the maxillary joint, or as though it would be dislocated, especially when yawning. Inflammatory swelling of submaxillary glands.

Teeth.-- Sticking, jerking ache in evening and at night. Crawling in. Toothache. from warmth or cold, after bathing. Loose, especially lower incisors.

Mouth.-- Salty mucus in. Hawking of mucus. Salivation. Sensation of fur on tongue.

Throat.-- Sensation as though' something were torn off. Painful swallowing of solids. Narrowing of and of oesophagus, he is able to swallow fluids only. Sticking and pressure during empty swallowing. Violent burning, when drinking brandy.

Appetite: Complete loss of appetite, with aversion to all food, especially bread and meat. Unquenchable thirst from dryness of mouth or throat. Nightly feverish thrust.

Taste: Putrid in mouth, with proper taste to food. Sweetish, in mouth. Bitter: Also of food, especially bread. Bloody.

Eructations: Crawling in stomach, with violent eructations when raising up. Accumulation of water in mouth.

Nausea, etc. - qualmishness, with ravenous hunger, disappearing after eating. Gastric symptoms every night. Sudden vomiting when eating. Vomiting of ingesta whenever he talks, especially when lying on back.

Stomach.-- Throbbing and ulcerative pain when touching pit, like that of a ripe boil. Cold sensation in, with a feeling as if full of stones. Fullness of after eating. Pressure after eating bread. Sensation as though' something were torn loose, when stooping or making a misstep.

Abdomen.-- Painful distension after eating. Sensation of tearing loose in, or as though' it would fall off. Contractive spasm in, especially in umbilical region. Inflammation of. Sensation of a heavy lump lying in. Scarlet redness of lower a., extending to navel. Ulcerative pain in walls of when scratching.

Stool.-- Nightly, watery diarrhoea, with abdominal pains. Hacked or foaming. Diarrhoea alternating with constipation. Hard, retarded. Ineffectual urging.

Urine.-- Diminished discharge, while he drinks much. Frequent and profuse passage of watery u. Hot. Involuntary urination during rest.

Sexual organs.-- Horrid eruption on. thickened scrotum. Moist eruption on scrotum. Swelling of foreskin and glans. Swollen urethra. Intensified sexual desire.

Female.-- Menses: Too early and too profuse. Continuing too long, with scarcely a day's intermission. Discharges of blood during pregnancy, of lumps of coagulated blood from uterus with labor - like pains.

Respiration.-- Anxious oppression arising from epigastrium. Oppression of, from pressure and painfulness in epigastrium. Short, before stool. Hot breath.

Cough.-- Spasmodic, shattering c., excited by tickling, creeping in larynx, trachea and chest. tickling, in evening, causing dryness of throat. Dry, in evening, until midnight. Dry, when awaking, early in morning. Hemoptysis, with expectoration of bright red, lumpy, or sometimes brownish, blood. During cough, stitches in chest, general sweat and pain in stomach. Expectoration of acrid pus in stomach. Expectoration of acrid pus or grayish - green, cool mucus, of a putrid, flat, metallic, sour or salty taste.

Larynx and trachea.-- Dryness in.

Chest.-- Tension and constriction in region of throat - pit. Stitches in, during rest as well as when sneezing and breathing. Shattering in. Bursting pain in. Sensation of tenderness in lower part of. Anxious palpitation when sitting. Trembling at heart. disappearance of milk from breasts, with burning heat of body/ Milk flows from mammae.

Back.-- Painful tension and squeezing between scapulae. Sprained pain in shoulders, back and limbs. cold sensation spreading over. Bruised pain in lumbar region, when sitting still or lying thereon, lying on something hard.

Neck: Stiff nape. Sprained pain extending from nape down between scapulae.

Upper Extremities.-- Tearing and burning in shoulders, with lameness of arms, during rest. Sprained shoulder. Paralytic, with coldness and insensibility of arms. Trembling of arms after moderate exertion. Swelled axillary glands. Erysipelatous swelling of arms. Hot swelling of hands in evening. Distended blood vessels on hands. Cracked skin on backs of hands. Warts. Hang - nails.

Lower Extremities.-- Pain in hips when rising from sitting or ascending steps. Sciatica, after excessive exertion. Painful jerks in upper thigh, like a kind of cramp, when extending limb while walking. Dislocative pain in hip, knee and ankle joint. Painful swelling of upper half of knee. Swelling of feet in evening.

Generalities.-- Whole body feels shattered. Great weakness, weariness and bruised sensation, especially when sitting and more particularly when at rest. constant tossing about in bed, during which certain limbs seem paralyzed. Bruised sensation in limbs upon which he does not lie, in the morning in bed. Tension, drawing and tearing in limbs, mostly with a numb sensation, especially during rest. Sensation, as though' some thing were torn loose in inner parts. Intolerance of cold (open) air, it excites stitches in joints. Effects of excessive muscular exertion and overlifting, or contusions combined with over - exertion. dislocation and dislocative pains in joints. Numbness of extremities, after preceding twitching and crawling therein. Convulsive twitchings and other symptoms after cold baths. the symptoms are intensified in the evening and at night, after midnight, during rest, from cold or becoming cold and from getting it while sweating.

Tissues.-- Glands inflamed, swollen and indurated.

Bones.-- Pain in limbs, as though' the flesh were beaten from bones or the bones were being scraped. Inflammation and swelling of the cylindrical bones.

Skin.-- Painfully sensitive to cold open air. Burning itching, especially on hairy parts. Burning vesicular eruptions. Nettlerash with burning itching. Burning ulcers. Herpetic eruptions alternating with dysenteric stools and chest symptoms. Thickening and induration of. Warts. Fissures. Frost - bites.

Fever.-- Pulse: Irregular, generally accelerated, but weak, languid and soft, sometimes imperceptible and intermittent, Chill: Most frequently in evening, often starting from feet or shoulder blades. As if dashed with cold water, or as if blood ran cold thro' veins. cold sensation from every movements. With increased pains, especially in limbs. With heat and redness of face. Rapidly alternating with heat. One - sided, coldness of right side with heat of left side, Coldness of head and back part of body. with heat of forepart. Coldness and paleness, alternating with heat and redness of face. Heat: After the chill, often with concomitant sweating, with relief of accompanying symptoms and the pains in limbs. Universal, as from pouring hot water over one, or as if the blood ran hot thro' the veins. Flying heat, with sweat, spreading from umbilicus, often alternating with chill. With nettlerash. Sweat: Universal, mostly during the heat, often excepting the face. Copious, night and morning s. Musty, offensive or sour smelling. With the pains, while sitting. Severe itching of the eruption during. Severe itching of the eruption during. And trembling with the pains. One head and face only or on body only.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: ACO., Am - m., Ang., Arn., ARS., Bell., BRY., Calc-c., Caust., Cham., cic., clem., Coff., Dulc., Euphor., Hep., Lyc., Merc., Mez., Nit - ac., Nux-v., Phos., Phos - ac., Phyt., Puls., RHOD., Samb., SEP., Sil., Sul., verat - a. When rhus seems insufficient Calc - flu. acts deeper and longer.

Complementary. - Bry., Calc - c., LYC., Phyt., sul., tuber.