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Mind.-- Morose, sluggishness and silent brooding. the child desires various things with weeping and vehemence. Restless and tearful. Fear of death.

Head.-- Heaviness of, with heat rising therein. Beclouding, stupefying ache with puffed eyes. Throbbing ache.

Eyes.-- Painful throbbing in. Suffered. Contracted pupils. Weak, with dim vision.

Ears.-- Bubbling in, and in muscles of throat Throbbing in.

Nose.-- Crawling in tip.

Face.-- Tension in skin of. Inclination to wrinkle forehead. Drawing, welling up, almost a bubbling sensation in lower jaw, extending into temples.

Teeth.-- Difficult teething in children. Cold feeling i, with great accumulation in saliva.

Mouth.-- Taste: Flat, slimy. Food tastes bitter while it is in the mouth.

Stomach.-- Tension in region of. Fullness, as from overloading.

Appetite: Hunger without appetite. Appetite for various things, but after the first bite they become repulsive. Aversion to fatty, insipid foods. Coffee is repugnant unless very sweat. Violent thirst.

Nausea: Seeming to arise from stomach and abdomen.

Abdomen.-- Tense and bloated. Violent cutting pain, especially in loins, they compel him to double up. Cutting in compel him to double up. Cutting in before and during stool. Welling up, gurgling sensation in abdominal muscles.

Flatulence. - rumbling and cutting from flatus in abdomen.

Stool.-- Frequent, ineffectual urging. Forcible, colicky stool motion. Papescent, sour - smelling s., with shivering. Diarrhoea: Mucus, debilitating, with cutting in the abdomen, then tenesmus.

Urine.-- Increased discharge. Reddish yellow or greenish. Feeble discharge, as from paralysis of bladder.

Respiration.-- Oppressed, as from a load upon upper part of chest.

Chest.-- Cracking or gurgling, bubbling up as from small bubbles in chest muscles. Stitches in nipples, yellow, m bitter milk of nursing women.

Back.-- Stiffness in small of back and hips.

Upper extremities.-- Twitching in arms and hands. gurgling bubbling sensation, especially in elbows. Distended blood vessels on hands. Cold sweat on palms.

Lower Extremities.-- Weariness in thighs, as after overexertion. Bubbling gurgling sensation extending from popliteal spaces to heels.

Generalities.-- Bubbling gurgling sensation, as from small bubbles in muscles and joints. All joints pain when moved. Asleep sensation in parts wherein he lies. Weakness and heaviness of entire body, as after waking from a deep sleep.

Sleep.-- Day sleepiness. Nightly sleeplessness and restlessness, with tossing about and crying out (in children). After sleep, want of recollection, headache, bad odor from mouth etc. Many anxious, sorrowful dreams.

Fever.-- Pulse: Only slightly quickened. Chill: Alternating with heat. One cheek red, the other pale. Internal shivering with external warmth. Heat: Over whole body, most on hands and feet with a cold face. Predominating. Sweat: From the least exertion. Cold, about mouth and nose. On forehead and scalp. Stains yellow, and smells like rhubarb.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bell., cham., Coloc., Mag - c., NUX-V., Phos-ac., Puls.

Complementary: Mag-c.