Ranunculus bulbosus


Mind.-- When reflecting his thoughts vanish. Dull senses. Irritable and quarrel some. Fear of ghosts in evening.

Vertigo.-- From congestion of blood to head.

Head.-- Congestion to. Sense of enlargement and distension of entire head distensive or bursting pressure, more in forehead and vertex, with pressure on eyeballs. Headache: With qualmishness and sleepiness, as though' the brain were bruised, with faint - like weakness. The pains are especially excited and intensified by changes of temperature. Worse: Toward evening, going from a warm room into the cold, or the reverse. Better: Rising from bed, in an even temperature.

Eyes.-- Excoriative biting in and in canthi. Pressure in.

Ears.-- Stitches in. Spasmodic earache.

Nose.-- Red, tensive, inflammatory swelling. Scurfy nostrils.

Face.-- Dry heat of, with red cheeks. Crawling, especially about chin and nose. Spasms of lips.

Teeth.-- Sensation in molars, as though' they were forced asunder.

Mouth.-- Scratching burning on palate and in throat. Increased secretion of tenacious mucus in throat in evening. Accumulation of much coppery - tasting saliva. Salivation.

Stomach.-- Burning in cardiac orifice. Pressure and excoriative pain in pit when touched.

Hypochondriac: Excoriative or bruised pain in. Sticking pains in liver, extending into right chest.

Thirst Increased in afternoon.

Eructations: Spasmodic hiccough.

Nausea: Mostly in afternoon and evening.

Abdomen.-- Pinching bellyache alternating with pains in chest. Burning, excoriative pain in. Festering pain in intestines.

Stool.-- Soft, light, without pain.

Female.-- Leucorrhoea: Acrid, corrosive.

Respiration.-- Shortness of, with oppression of chest in evening. Violent oppression, as after deep mortification, he seems unable to inhale sufficient air and must frequently take a deep breath.

Chest.-- Suppurative pain in entire c., from least motion of upper part of body and when touched. Festering pain with stitches, extending downward into sides of abdomen. Violent stitches in right c., extending downward into hepatic region. the chest pains are mostly external and are intensified by motion and touch.

Back.-- Stitches in, and between scapulae.

Upper Extremities.-- Stitches in arms and hands. Herpes on palms of hands. Herpes or blue vesicles on fingers. Ulcerated fingers.

Lower Extremities.-- Drawing extending from thighs downward. Podagra and sticking in feet and toes.

Generalities.-- Bruised sensation in entire body. Trembling of limbs, with oppression of breathing after vexation. Epileptic attacks. Symptoms are intensified in evening, (in evening), in certain cases also after eating. Changes of temperature and alternations of heat or cold, as well as touch, motion and stretching of body, many symptoms, especially those of trunk. Effects of taking cold.

Skin.-- Blistery eruption like that of a burn. Burning, itching, dark blue vesicles in closely aggregated groups. Flat, burning, sticking ulcers, with corrosive ichor. Horny growths. Herpes.

Sleep.-- Late falling to, in evening. Sleeplessness, as if from too great activity. Frequent awaking at night and difficult falling to sleep again.

Fever.-- Pulse: Hard, full and accelerated in evening, slower in morning. Chill: predominating, with heat of face, mostly in afternoon and evening. Chilliness with heat of face after dinner. In open air he chills mostly on the outside of (covered) chest. The fever often consists of chill only. Heat: In evening, especially on face, often on r. side only, with cold hands (and feet). With concomitant internal chill. Sweats very little, and only in morning on awaking.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bry., Puls., RHUS-T., Staph., Sul., Verbas.