rana bufo

Obesity. Depravities and bad inheritance. Low minded and low disease forms. Early break-down. Bloody oozings; nipples, saliva, etc. (Bov.). Festering sensation. As of a peg in joints. Burnings; ebullitions of heat. Flushings. Feels swelled in A.M. Trembling and as of electric shocks through body. Sexual epilepsy. Dropsy.

Moral depravity. Childish, silly tittering. Talks nonsense, then angry if not understood. Feeble minded. Fears animals and strangers. Duplicity. Pillow hurts occiput. As of cold balls running through bowels. Asthma. Suffocative cough. Heart seems to float or beat in water or air. Rapid heart action; in exophthalmos. Violent pain in mammæ, < night. Lumbago, < raising up or least movement. Anæsthetic spots. Red streaks under skin. Lymphangitis. Panaris. Bullæ. Horripilation.