radium bromatum

Dry, burning heat as if afire; craves cool air. Sudden shifting or electric pains; must lie down. Dull, hard ache; deep in joints. Constriction, chest, heart, etc.; with air hunger. Numbness, < stretching part. Rheumatism. Gout. Weak muscles. Necrotic changes.

Pain over eyes (l), backward. Red, smarting eyes, < reading. Rushing in ears, > lying on face. Raw throat. Craves pork. Averse to sweets. Abdominal, alternating with ear or chest pains. Sore, prolapsed rectum. Dysuria, then erections. Itching genitals. Cough, < smoking; > open air and exertion. Tightness at heart. Weak between scapulæ. Ascending lumbar pain. Irritable, thick, burning, itching skin; moist if scratched; < face and genitals. Branny scales. Scabby; on ears. Eczema. Psoriasis. Scleroderma. Callosities. Vivid dreams; of fire; awakes panting, with pounding of heart; seeming true. Rheumatism of hands.