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CHANGEFUL. SHIFTING SYMPTOMS; rising to a certain pitch, then suddenly ceasing; going to part lain on; unilateral. THIRSTLESS, SHORT OF BREATH AND CHILLY; with digestive or menstrual disorders. SUPPRESSIONS; otorrhœa, menses, lochia, milk, etc. Metastases. Alternations. Phlegmasia. Venosity. Hæmorrhage; passive; vicarious. Anæmia. PROFUSE, BLAND, THICK, YELLOW-GREEN DISCHARGES; bitter mucus. Jerking, tearing or ulcerative pain. Numbness; part lain on; hands, feet, etc. Pale, chilly blondes.

MILD, TIMID, EMOTIONAL. WEEPY. Discouraged. Whining. Easily offended. Craves sympathy. Can't lie with head low. Headache start in vertex. Occipital ache, < coughing. Profuse sweat on scalp. Eyes; fill with tears (acrid) or seem covered; < wind; sticky lids; colds affect the; ophthalmia, gonorrhœal. Blepharitis. Styes. Blind attacks; < menses. Nightly earache. Foul discharge or bad odor before nose. Coryza; stopped on lying or in room. Anosmia. Pale face. Peeling cracked lips. Licks lips. Crack in center of lower lip. Bad breath. Drawing toothache, > cold. Taste bad; in A.M.; bloody; greasy. Slimy mouth or dry, without thirst. Tongue feels scalded. Alternate sides of throat or neck. Food leaves an after-taste or lodges in throat. Averse to water or fats. Craves acids or what disagrees. Sudden loathing, < eating. Heart-burn. Nausea. Epigastrium; cutting; pulsation. HEAVY OR DERANGED STOMACH. Abdomen; as of a heavy stone; aching; numb; pains into groins. Stools; changeable; green mucus, < after midnight; bilious. Piles, < lying. Urination; involuntary on lying; followed by blood. Heavy pressure on or cramp in bladder. Sensation as of a stone rolling in bladder. Nocturnal enuresis. Burning down left spermatic cord. Enlarged prostate. Orchitis; gonorrhœal. Bloody emissions. Feels like menstruating. MENSES DARK; LATE, at puberty; SCANTY, < bathing; irregular; vicarious; absent. Dysmenorrhœa. Weak labor pains. Bearing down, < lying. After pains. Retained placenta. Leucorrhœa; milky; acrid. AIR HUNGER; < lying on left side; as if from abdomen; if heated. Loose morning, then dry evening cough; from tickling in epigastrium; must sit up. Expectoration thick; purulent (Cetrar.), slimy, sweet, salt, etc. Asthma from suppressions. Cough; dry hacking; expectorates bitter or salty as it loosens up. Chest oppressed; as by a load. Sore stitch beneath clavicles. Palpitation. Mammæ; milk in virgin; sore, aching lump (r); scanty milk. Swelled joints; backs of feet. Numb elbows. Lower limbs; pains down, alternate sides; heavy legs. Sticking in tibia, < lying, > cool air and motion. Acute periostitis. Cold sweat on legs. Foul foot-sweat. Swelled glands. Veins full; varicose; painful. Ulcers, with hard, glistening areolæ; varicose. Skin itches on being heated. Measles. Day sleepiness. Lies with hands over head. Disturbed dreams. Awakes confused or tired. Chilly, yet averse to heat; IN A WARM ROOM; with the pain; on lying down at night. One hand cold. Partial sweat.