Plumbum metallicum


Mind.-- Weakness of mind and memory. Delirium, with rage and wild looks. Insanity. Great anxiety and restlessness, with frequent sighing. Dejecting and melancholy. Ennui.

Sensorium.-- Vertigo when stooping or looking upward. Stupefaction, he falls down unconscious.

Head.-- Congestion, with heat ascending in to head. Heaviness, especially in occiput. sticking ache. Hair very dry, it falls from beard and eyebrows.

Eyes.-- Inflamed and congested. Pressure in, as though' the ball were too large. Paralysis of upper lid. Yellow sclerotic. Contracted pupils. Myopia. Misty, foggy vision. Paralysis of optic nerve.

Ears.-- Tearing in. Difficult hearing.

Nose.-- Erysipelatous inflammation. Diminished sense of small. Nasty odor in.

Face.-- Cadaverous paleness. Puffed. greasy, glistening skin. Confused look. Painless desquamation of lips. Tearing in maxillae.

Teeth.-- Soften and turn black. Pale, swollen gums. Painful nodes on gums.

Mouth.-- Dry. Aphthae, dirty ulcers and bluish - black blotches in, also on tip of tongue (as after abuse of Mercury). Sense of a foreign body or of swelling in throat. rising, as of a ball in throat. Constriction of throat. Paralysis of throat. with inability to swallow. Much sweetish saliva in. Paralysis of tongue, with difficult speech.

Taste: Sweetish, in mouth.

Stomach.-- Violent, constrictive spasm of. Violent pressure in. Sticking extending from pit into back.

Hypochondriac: Stitches in liver. Pains in kidneys.

Appetite: Loss of. Increased. Desire for bread and baked food. Violent thirst, especially for cold water.

Eructations: Sweetish. gulping up of sweetish water.

Nausea: Frequent retching. Excessive vomiting of ingesta or discolored substances, with violent pains in stomach and abdomen. Fecal vomit, with colic and constipation.

Abdomen.-- Pains radiate from a - to all parts of body. Agg. touch but amel. hard pressure. violent colic with strong retraction of. especially of naval. constriction of intestines, with strong retraction of navel and anus. Inflammation of viscera. Hard nodes in. (Graph.)

Flatulence: Grumbling and rumbling in abdomen. Exceedingly offensive flatus, especially after eating fish.

Stool.-- Obstinate constipation. Hard, nodular stool passed with difficulty.

Anus.-- Constriction and retraction of.

Urine.-- Retained. Tenesmus vesicae. Difficult discharge of, passed drop by drop (strangury).

Sexual Organs.-- Inflammatory swelling of. Constriction in testicles. Greatly intensified sexual desire.

Respiration.-- Difficult, panting. Spasmodic tightness of chest.

Cough.-- Dry, convulsive. With expectoration of blood or pus.

Larynx.-- Hoarseness and roughness in. Constriction of.

Chest.-- Constriction. Stitches, in female mammae. Anxious palpitation.

Back.-- Stitches in, and in lumbar region.

Upper Extremities.-- Twitching tearing in arms. Bony exostoses on back of hand.

Lower Extremities.-- Paralytic sensation in hip, knee and ankle joints, Paralysis of lower limbs, Stinking foot - sweat.

Generalities.-- Sticking and tearing in limbs. Twitching in limbs. Paralysis of limbs. Constrictive sensations in internal organs. Epileptic attacks. Great weakness and emaciation. Dropsical swellings. The pains in limbs are intensified at night and are by rubbing. symptoms intermit every third day. Acts on abdominal muscles first. Paralysis of the extensors, of single parts.

Bones.-- Crawling pain, seemingly inside of.

Skin.-- Sensitive to open air. Yellowish or pale bluish color. Dark brown spots on body. Denuded spots. Acute decubitus. Burning ulcers. Cold gangrene.

Sleep.-- Great drowsiness. Stupefying somnolency. Extraordinary day sleepiness. Nightly sleeplessness on account of spasmodic colic.

Fever.-- Pulse: Very variable and irregular mostly small, contracted and slow, sometimes hard and slow, also occasionally small and accelerated, seldom full, feverish or intermittent. Chill: Predominating, increasing toward evening with violent thirst and redness of face. Internal, with external heat, towards evening. Chilliness in all members. Coldness in open air and during motion. Heat: with thirst, anxiety, a red face and sleepiness. Internal, in evening and night with yellow of whole buccal cavity. Sweat: Anxious, cold or sticky and clammy.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Alum., Ars., Bell., (CAUST.), Chin., Hyos., Nat - m., Nux-v., OP., PLAT., Stram., sul., sul-ac.

Complementary: Rhus-t.