Magnetis polus australis


Mind.-- Unsteadiness and instability, ideas cannot be properly fixed and objects hover only half observed before the senses. Disposition to start. Vehemence and irascibility. Harshness in word and deed.

Sensorium.-- Reeling and staggering when walking.

Head.-- Congestion to (without heat). Crawling in brain, root of nose and temples. Headache from mental exertion.

Eyes.-- Tears in. Painfully, sore dryness of lids.

Ears.-- Sensation, as of a cold (or warm) wind blowing on.

Nose.-- Suppressed fluent coryza.

Face.-- Sensation of a cold breath on.

Teeth.-- Tearing twitching in upper jaw (or in one eye - tooth) extending toward eye, in evening. Stitches in hollow t. toothache, warm drinks.

Mouth.-- Foul odor from, early in morning. Salivation. Difficult speech.

Appetites, etc. - Indifference to food, drink and smoking. Great appetite in evening. Ravenous hunger during chill.

Stomach.-- Pressure in, from mental exertion. Pain in, as though a bruised place were pressed upon.

Stool.-- Diarrhoea, preceded by cutting in abdomen and chill.

Urine.-- Nightly involuntary discharge of, from weakness of urinary organs. Incontinence from weakness of sphincter vesicae. Interrupted urination, the urine passes drop by drop, with insensibility of urethra. Feeble stream.

Sexual Organs.-- Drawing and twitching in spermatic cord. Spasmodic retraction of testes. Violently excited sexual desire. Impotency from a sudden disappearance of voluptuous sensation during coition.

Female.-- Menses: Of pale, watery blood, too early and too profuse. Uterine hemorrhage.

Respiration.-- Short, seeming to arise from epigastrium. Deep, sighing r., with involuntary swallowing at the same time, Slow, loud, snuffling expiration before, and a similar inspiration after midnight.

Chest.-- Pressive pain in, with anxiety. Violent palpitation.

Back.-- Heat in. Lumbar ache.

Upper Extremities.-- Rambling and gurgling down arm. Panaritia with throbbing in finger - tips.

Lower Extremities.-- Paralytic drawing in legs. Easy dislocation of ankle. Varicose veins during pregnancy. Ingrowing toe - nails, they grow into the flesh.

Generalities.-- Great tendency to take cold, on exposure to slight cold, nose, ears, hands and feet are frozen, and in a warm room they become hot, creep and itch. Great aversion to open air. Sensation of a cold wind blowing over entire body. Twitching pains here and there. Bruised pain in parts upon which he does not lie. Many symptoms are intensified by motion.

Sleep.-- Sleepiness with inability to sleep before midnight.

Fever.-- Warmth all over. Warmth constantly predominates.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ign., M - arcot., Nux-v., Zinc.