Magnetis polus arcticus


Mind.-- Anxious, fainthearted, mild mood with chilliness. Anxious, uneasy scrupulosity. Fainthearted and want of courage. Tearful.

Vertigo.-- As though intoxicated, when walking in open air.

Head.-- Bruised pain in, from looking up and moving eyes. Pressure, as though upon a bruised spot. Sensation within, like the movement of a pendulum, after ascending steps. Tension in scalp, as though it adhered too tightly.

Eyes.-- Twitching and drawing in lids. Coldness of weak eye, as though a piece of ice lay in the orbit. Tearful. Restless motion of. Staring look.

Ears.-- Deafness with tension in drum.

Nose.-- Violent nosebleed proceeded by aching in forehead. Odor as of rotten eggs or fresh whitewash within.

Face.-- Pale. Tension of. Single jerks in periosteum of jaw during toothache. During (Violent spasmodic) yawning, pain in maxillary joint, as though it would be dislocated. Trismus.

Teeth.-- Incisors sensitive when inhaling. Toothache in hollow teeth, with inflamed, swollen gums and red, hot, swelled cheeks. Throbbing ache in lower jaw with burning while there is chilliness. Cramp - like pain in hollow teeth, with single jerks in right lower jaw, Ache, with violent jerks, as though they would. Ache, with violent jerks, as the they would be torn out. Worse: After eating, in a warm room. Better: In open air.

Mouth.-- Bad odor from increased flow of saliva.

Appetite: Ravenous hunger in evening.

Heartburn. Especially after supper.

Abdomen.-- Distended. Sensitiveness of upper a region. Pressure, as upon a bruised spot, here and there in. Inguinal hernia with outward boring pains.

Flatulence: Gurgling, as from flatus in abdomen. Flatulent colic in evening.

Stool.-- Constipated, infrequent, too large in form and passed with difficulty.

Urine.-- Dark.

Sexual Organs.-- Violent erections and excessive pollutions.

Female.-- Menses: Too scanty.

Cough.-- Suffocative, asthmatic c., in open air. Dry, spasmodic, suffocative, c., in evening after lying down and toward midnight, only suppressing it. From smoking.

Back.-- Neck: Crepitation and cracking in cervical vertebrae.

Back: Bruised pain when bending backward.

Upper Extremities.-- Heaviness in arms. Cold sweat on hands. Panaritia.

Lower Extremities.-- Cold sweat on soles.

Generalities.-- Excitability and trembling, great restlessness in limbs and great nervous weakness. Weariness and bruised sensation in limbs, in open air. Heaviness of single limbs, with sensation of increased strength therein.

Bones.-- Drawing in periosteum.

Sleep.-- Great day sleepiness, like sopor. Stupefied sleep. Violent, spasmodic yawning, with pain in maxillary joints, as though they would be torn out. Toward morning sound, deep sleep.

Fever.-- Predominating chilliness and shaking chill during entire day. Chilliness accompanies the symptoms.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bell., m Ign., M - caust., Puls., Zinc.