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Mind.-- Peevish irritability. Vexed at every trifle. Cross, wilful and obstinate. Excited, before menses. Strong disposition to tears, sometimes with moroseness or melancholy. Weak memory, thoughts vanish.

Head.-- Outward pressure in forehead and temples. Heaviness and fullness, as if everything would press out at forehead on stooping, or in occiput, as if he would fall backward. Aching, with desire to sleep, contraction of eyelids, a red face, weariness, especially of legs, and a bitter taste. Pains: Throbbing, especially in forehead, obtuse, peg - like, over right eyebrow, pricking. Painful scalp. Pain as if hairs were being pulled. Worse: Emotions. Before and during menses. Better: Bathing in hot water.

Eyes.-- Look as if swimming in tears. Projecting. Lids red, swelled, twitching. Heat and constant burning in, with lachrymation on looking at the light. Hot, acrid tears. Greasy mucus in inner canthi. Feel smaller. Blue vision. Worse: Looking at anything. Rubbing. Better: Wiping.

Ears.-- Heat and burning redness of. Inflammatory swelling of, with tensive burning pain and painful stiffness in neck, shoulder and arm of affected side. Cramp - like pain in. Bubbling in. Itching in and in soles of feet. Difficult hearing before and during menses.

Nose.-- Frequent sneezing, with dry coryza, with moisture in. Epistaxis. Fluent coryza, with painful sensitiveness to inspired air.

Face.-- Earthy. Pale, bloated. Brownish red. Deep red and hot, with throbbing in cheeks and forehead, and frequent desire to urinate. Tearing and burning desire to urinate. Tearing and burning pains. motion, lying on affected part. Lips: Hot, tense, blue, upper cracked l scaling. Right half of lower feels drawn towards corner of mouth.

Mouth.-- Fetid breath. Drawing or jerking in hollow teeth, with scorbutic gums. Inflamed gums. Mouth and throat while (Pale). Grayish ulcers on gums and in commissure of lips.

Tongue.-- Pale, as if withered, cold feeling on. Taste: Sour on back, of cubes, of straw, bitter, of food just as it goes down.

Throat.-- Feeling of something hanging in left side of. Sloughing, diphtheritic appearance. Constantly hawks up sweetish mucus. Painful choking low down. Extending throw to back. Dysphagia. Burning, scraping in. roughness in.

Eructations.-- Violent, acid, frothy. Nausea, with burning in mouth, with spitting of saliva and chill.

Vomiting.-- During pregnancy, undigested food several hours after eating, Sweetish water in morning fasting. Violent retching.

Stomach.-- Sensation of coldness, as from ice - water in, Gnawing, soreness or burning in epigastric region, better temporarily by eating. Worse: Pressure of clothes. Better: Eating warm things.

Hypochondriac.-- Pressive pain in spleen and hepatic region. Gnawing, under left short ribs. Worse: Pressure of clothes.

Abdomen.-- Tense distension of, sometimes with shortness of breath. Drawing from upper to sacrum, with heat of face and ineffectual urging to defecate and urinate. Sensation: Of a hard, twisted lump lying in navicular region, prickling, ulceration, painful coldness in, clawing, burning, stitches, shooting, extending into genitals, shattering in. Worse: Motion. Coughing. Pressure of clothes. Better: Stooping.

Stool.-- Green mucus, with nausea and weakness. Frequent by day. Pasty.

Rectum.-- Creeping. Cramps. Dragging in. Stitches in, extending into left flank, during menses.

Urine.-- Profuse, passed in great haste. Stream feeble, spray - like. Strangury. Albuminous, black, offensive, acrid, hot, causing burning between pudendae. Involuntary, when coughing or lying down. Worse: Lying down.

Female.-- Hot swelled of, with corroding, burning pains and bleeding after coition. Soreness, corrosive itching and burning in labia, vagina, etc. Ulcerative pain in neck of uterus during coition. Hard lump in neck of uterus. Vagina prolapsed. Labour - like pains alternate with eye symptoms (watering of). Better: Walking.

Leucorrhoea: Putrid, corrosive, causing swelling, burning itching and biting externally, exhausting, why - like, milky, yellow, staining yellow, with weakness in legs, staining gray, discharge of, preceded by sacral pains or by contractive pains in vagina, before every urination. Menses profuse, worse lying down, causing itching, followed by a discharge of acrid bloody matter.

Cough.-- Hollow, or whistling spasmodic c., excited by roughness, scratching and tickling in chest and throat, without expectoration. Hoarse, croupy, exhausting. Concussive, with vomiting.

Chest.-- Feeling of a weight in centre of c. with dyspnea, he involuntarily takes a deep breath, anxious dyspnoea. Pains in chest and sternum which necessitates pressure with the hand. Sensation of, Being bruised, sticking, shooting between ribs occurring periodically, burning, a throbbing constriction, stabbing under left mamma. Lungs engorged, excessive bronchial secretion. Emotions excites tightness of heart and weeping. Scratching, creeping and tickling in tracheas. Worse: Expiration. Motion. Awakening. Lying in bed, especially on side. Turning over. Morning and evening. Music. Better: Pressure, with hand.

Back.-- Shoulders, chilly between, as of a band between, feeling of a weight from s. to elbows, could not raise arms to head. Scapular pains, plug - like or as if beaten. Painfully bruised feeling of cristae ill. Violent drawing and shooting sacral pains going into genitals or thighs. Sensations: Of burrowing, as if broken, of ulceration, as if asleep, as if vertebrae were suppurating. Worse: Stooping. Better: Pressure.

Upper Extremities.-- Elbow: Cramp in, tendons feel too short. Hands icy cold. fingers go to sleep, with creeping, they turn while after rising. Left thumb pains as if sprained and is stiff. Desquamating hands. Better: Bathing in hot water.

Lower Extremities.-- Pain in hip, from exposure to air. (Edema of legs and feet. Feet: Sweaty, feel as if gathering in soles, burning and itching in soles in evening.

Generalities.-- Rawness. Burning. Putrid, acrid discharges. Bleedings, often profuse from slight causes. Weakness, prostration and muscular feebleness. Numbness. Pains: Excoriative, ulcerative, pulling, paralytic, shooting like lightning, as if torn out, bruised, can't find an easy position. Most useful in aged persons and pregnant woman and when the tooth decay rapidly. Worse: Contact. Uncovering. Rubbing or scratching. After menses. During leucorrhoea. Better: After sleep. Warmth.

Skin.-- Feels all affairs. Tettery eruptions. Intense itching. Prurigo. Pustules. Nettlerash in morning. Pimply task on face. Blue spots. Dry. Offensive ulcers which break out and heal up repeatedly. Better: Warmth.

Sleep.-- Yawning, with chilliness and watery eyes. Anxious dreams and sweat during. Laughs in her dreams. Great sleepiness and sound sleep.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small and weak with great ebullition of blood. Throbbing in all blood vessels during rest. Chill: Predominating, principally when at rest. Shaking c., with violent flushes of heat in face, red cheeks and icy cold feet. With great bodily restlessness. Alternating with heat. During menses. Skin as if dead during c.; pain in patella during. Heat: Mostly on face. Flying heat with sharply circumscribed redness on cheeks. Bed is too warm, but she is chilled if she puts her foot out. Sweat: Scant and only in morning, accompanied by heat and red cheeks. On chest and back during menses.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Arn., Ars., Brom., Carb-ac., Carb - c., Caust., Cham., Chin., Eupion., Merc-c., Nat-m., Nit-ac., NUX-V., Petr., Sec-c., Sep., Sul., Graph.

Complementary: Sul.