Cyclamen europaeum


Mind.-- Dullness of. Weak memory. Rapid alternation of cheerfulness and peevishness. Troubled conscience, as though he had not fulfilled his duty. Inclination to concealed, inward grief.

Head.-- Stitches in temples, disappearing when touched. Fine, sharp, itching or tearing sticking in scalp, changing place when scratched. Eruption on head, painless to touch.

Eyes.-- Sticking itching in, and in lids. Dilated pupils. Vision is obscured, as by a fog.

Ears.-- Drawing pain internally. Difficult hearing, as though stopped.

Nose.-- Diminished sense of smell.

Face.-- Induration, with sense of numbness in upper lip.

Teeth.-- Nightly, drawing ache.

Mouth.-- Constant sensation of mucus in.

Appetite: Lost, early in morning and in evening. A little food quickly satiates. Aversion to bread and butter. Thirstless.

Taste: Tastelessness of foods, they taste quite flat.

Eructations: Hiccough after eating.

Nausea, etc. - With accumulation of water in mouth. Early in morning after smoking tobacco. Inclination to vomit smoking tobacco. Inclination to vomit after every meal, especially of fatty food.

Stomach.-- Fullness and pressure in pit, as from overloading.

Abdomen.-- Discomfort and nausea in. Flatulent colic.

Flatulence: Rumbling and growling in abdomen immediately after eating.

Stool.-- Frequent, pappy.

Anus.-- Festering pain in, and in perineum.

Urine.-- Frequent urging to urinate, with profuse discharge of pale urine.

Female.-- Menses: Too profuse, Too early.

Respiration.-- Difficult, with oppression of chest. Short, as from weakness in chest.

Chest.-- Congestion to, with sensible palpitation.

Upper Extremities.-- Paralytic pressure as though in periosteum, extending from shoulder into fingers. Tearing, as though in periosteum, of fingers. Sticking itching between fingers.

Lower Extremities.-- Cramp like pain on posterior thigh. Violent itching on calves, with distended blood - vessels. Sprained pain in ankle - joints. Violent itching in joints and toes, seemingly in periosteum.

Generalities.-- Pressive drawing or tearing pain, s mostly in periosteum or where skin lies close to the bone. Weariness of body in evening, with peevishness and sleepiness, disappearing from motion. As long as he moves about, aside from weariness, he feels quite well, however, upon sitting down, especially toward evening, all kinds of complaints appear.

Bones.-- Pressive or tearing pains to periosteum.

Skin.-- Unendurable, sticking, itching, in evening in bed. Cracks on hands and feet. Frostbites. Offensive ulcers.

Sleep.-- Great sleepiness in evening and forenoon. Constant inclination to lie and lumbar.

Fever.-- Pulse: Not markedly changed. Chill: Forenoon or evening. Early morning or evening attacks of cold shudders over whole body. Great sensitiveness s to cold air and uncovering with the evening fever. Heat: After the chill, most on face, but without thirst, while the hands remain cold a long time. Sense of, over entire body, especially on face and hands. Of single parts, except face. General, after every meal. Sweat: Moderate, but of a bad odor. At night during sleep.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Con., Puls.