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Mind.-- Piteous complaining and howling. Peevishness: The child is insensible to caresses and rejects everything that is offered. Dread. Children resist being held. Whimpering and crying, especially when touched.

Head.-- Pressive, numbing headache, first in forehead then in occiput, with profuse, fluent coryza. Pressure as of a load or stone on, with painful pressing on upper eyelids. Headache before and after attacks of epilepsy or intermittent fever. Sinks sideways, or is jerked backward. Worse: Walking in open air, mental exertion. Better: Stooping, moving the head, sitting, lying.

Eyes.-- Pain in evening, from straining them by artificial light. Dim vision when reading, disappears from wiping. Dilated pupils. Photophobia. Blue rings around. Lachrymation.

Nose.-- Bleeding from, and from mouth. Epistaxis, with burning in. Children continually rub and bore into, even until it bleeds. Fluent coryza, with burning in, with purulent mucus. Violent sneezing with continuous bursting pain in head and chest or piercing pain in temples.

Face.-- Pale, cold, with cold sweat. Pale, sickly color of. Puffed, with bluish white color about mouth. Faceache, tearing in zygoma worse by touch and pressure.

Teeth.-- Gnashing of. Sensitive to both cold air and drinks.

Mouth.-- Dryness and rawness in. Inability to swallow. Audible gurgling from throat down into abdomen.

Appetite: Hunger, immediately after meals, incessant. Increased thirst.

Vomiting: With the fever. Of worms. OF mucus and ingesta. Of bile.

Abdomen.-- Pinching bellyache from worms. Painful twisting about navel. Distension of especially in children. Gurgling in.

Stool.-- Constipation. Discharge of ascarides and round worms, with pappy diarrhoea. Diarrhoea after drinking. Whitish diarrhoea, passed involuntarily.

Anus.-- Itching of.

Urine.-- Involuntary urination, particularly at night in bed.

Female.-- Menses: Too early, and too profuse. Uterine hemorrhage.

Respiration.-- Short interrupted, crowing. Anxious oppression of, as from spasms of chest. Wheezing, whistling.

Cough.-- In violent, periodically recurring paroxysms, excited by a feeling as of feather down in throat, and by a quantity of mucus therein, dry in morning, in evening, expectoration of a whitish slimy, rarely bloody, almost tasteless substance, detached with difficulty. Dry, spasmodic, with shortness of breath and twitching in limbs. Spasmodic, with stiffness and a pale face.

Larynx and trachea.-- Much mucus in, with hoarseness. Thrusts in.

Chest.-- Spasms of. Gurgling in. Seems too narrow. Burning, piercing and soreness in.

Back.-- Bruised pain in lumbar region. Sense of constriction about loins.

Upper Extremities.-- Cramp - like tearing in arms and hands. Spasmodic closure of hands. Twitching of fingers. Weakness of hands, with inability to grasp objects tightly.

Lower Extremities.-- Spasmodic twitching and stretching out of feet.

Generalities.-- Dull stitches here and there over body. Jerkings and distortions of limbs. Rigid. Extension of body Paralytic pain in arms and legs. Worm affections of children. Epileptic attacks with or without consciousness. Nightly epileptiform convulsions. Epilepsy, lies upon his back, with violent shrieking and bearing about with hands and feet. Intolerance of touch and motion. External pressure renews or intensifies the symptoms. After effects of loss of vital fluids. Twitching of limbs, and sleep (after paroxysms of epilepsy or whooping cough.)

Sleep.-- Nightly restlessness and sleeplessness. Yawning and shivering and trembling. Restless tossing about and sore at night in bed. Starting in.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small, but hard and accelerated. Chill: With shuddering and shaking, it runs from upper part of body to head, even when near a warm stove. With a cold, pale face, and warm hands. With thirst. Not relived by external warmth, mostly in evening, with great paleness of face. Heat: Greatest on head and face, but also with a pale face. Nightly, with thirst and anxiety. Sweat: Generally cold on forehead, nose, face and hands. Vomiting of ingesta, with ravenous hunger after the sweat (often also before the chill sets in).

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bell., CAPS., Chin., Dros., Hyos., Merc., Phos., Verat-a.

Complementary: Dros., Calc. Sul.