Aurum metallicum


Mind.-- Debility from mental labor. Melancholy mood with restlessness and longing for death. Irresistible inclination to weep. Religious melancholy with praying. Melancholy with rancor. He does nothing but ask questions. Great anguish drinking him to suicide. Despair of himself as well as others. From slightest opposition he flies into a heated passion and anger. Alternate laughing and crying, or alternate anger and sadness. Unfortunate love. Hypochondriasis. Taciturnity. Scrupulosity.

Head.-- Intense congestion to, with heat therein. Bruised pain in forepart of, on awaking, causing confusion of ideas. Tumult and roaring in. Pain in skull bones. Worse: Every mental exertion, stooping, cold. Better: raising up, warm wrapping, in open air.

External Head.-- Exostoses, boring painfully of themselves, but worse when touched or lain upon. Boring tearing in skull bones readily passing into inflammation and necrosis. Worse: Becoming cold. Better: Warm wrapping, external pressure.

Eyes.-- Tensive pain in. Inflammation and suppuration of. Protruding. Fire and sparks before. Paralysis of optic nerve. Horizontal half vision.

Ears.-- Discharge of foul - smelling pus from. Humming in. Caries of mastoid.

Nose.-- Caries of nasal bones. Bone pain in bridge of. Cancer of. Fetid odor from. Greatly heightened sense of smell.

Face.-- Glistening, puffy. Swelled cheeks. Osteitis Tensive pain n upper jaw. Painful swelling of submaxillary glands.

Teeth.-- Ulcerated gums with toothache and heat in head.

Mouth.-- Foul odor like old cheese from. Caries of hard palate.

Appetite: Excessive hunger and thirst with sore feeling in stomach.

Abdomen.-- Protruding inguinal hernia. Disagreeable feeling in.

Flatulence: Nightly diarrheas. Copious.

Urine.-- Painful retention of, with urging and pressing in bladder. Copious, watery.

Sexual Organs.-- Indurated testes. Swelling of under part of testes. Increased sexual desire. Nightly erection and pollutions. Prolapsus uteri.

Respiration.-- Suffocative attacks with constrictive oppression of chest. Great tightness in thorax, with necessity to take a deep breath.

Chest.-- Anxious palpitation from congestion thereto.

Back.-- Intense backache.

Upper Extremities.-- Tearing in joints of hands and fingers.

Lower Extremities.-- Paralytic weakness in knee, as if bandaged. Tearing in joints and bones of feet and toes.

Generalities.-- Paralytic tearing in joints, early, on awaking, and when parts become cold. Gouty nodes. Dropsical swelling of body. Strong ebullition in blood throughout entire body, with violent palpitation. Over - sensitive to cold and every pain. Desire for open air. Hysterical spasms with alternate laughing and weeping.

Bones.-- Bone pains. Osteitis. Caries.

Skin.-- Cracked. Mercurial ulcers, which also attack the bones.

Sleep.-- Sleepiness after dinner. Restless with anxious dreams. Nightly delirium.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small, but accelerated. Much ebullition of blood in entire body, and strong congestion to head and chest. Chill: Predominating. And coldness of hands and feet, also when in bed, often continuing the whole night. In evening in bed, general shaking chill without thirst and not followed by heat. Coldness of entire body, with nausea. Heat: Mostly in face, only alternating with chill. Sweat: In early morning, most profuse on and above sexual organs.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Asaf., Col-c., Coff., Merc., Nux-v., Phos. Pul.