Ammonium muriaticum


Mind.-- Irritable and fretful in forenoon, but in better humor in afternoon. Anxiety with weeping. Low spirited from care and grief.

Vertigo.-- Dizzy, disappearing in open air.

Head.-- Sense of heaviness and fullness in forehead, early in morning.

Eyes.-- Burning of, in twilight, disappearing in artificial light. Burning in canthi with photophobia, early in morning, disappearing after washing. Flying spots before.

Ears.-- Outward sticking in, especially in open air. Running ears with difficult bearing.

Nose.-- Sensitiveness and ulcerative pain deep in nasal cavity. Fluent coryza with discharge of acrid water, stoppage of nose and loss of smell.

Face.-- Burning heat of, in room. Violent tearing in zygoma. Angles of mouth ulcerated. Dry cracked lips with denuded spots thereon. Throbbing pain in swollen submaxillary glands.

Mouth.-- Sticking pain in throat when swallowing. Burning vesicles on tip of tongue.

Stomach.-- Thirst: Much, particularly in evening.

Taste: Bitter, in mouth early in morning.

Eructations: Bitter. Hiccough with stitches in chest.

Vomiting: Mucus, early in morning.

Abdomen.-- Pinching bellyache. Twitching about naval and in hypochondria.

Stool.-- Constipation. Bellyache about naval before.

Urine.-- Diminished discharge of. Frequent nightly urination.

Female.-- Menses: Two early and too profuse, with abdominal and lumbar pains.

Cough.-- Day, from tickling in throat, early in the morning. Chronic straining cough coming from deep within chest. When lying on back, in evening and at night.

Larynx.-- Hoarseness with burning in.

Back.-- Neck: Tearing in sides of, extending into clavicle. Painful stiffness of nape.

Back: Extraordinary lumbar pains as though beaten, at night. Stitches in scapula when breathing.

Upper Extremities.-- Blisters which become scabby, on wrists. Feeling of skin between fingers. Painful fingertips (panaritia).

Lower Extremities.-- Contraction of tendons of popliteal spaces and stiff knee joints. Deadness of legs. Ulcerative pains and tearing in heels. Painful tips of toes. Fetid foot sweat.

Generalities.-- Ulcerative pains in many parts of body. Tightening in joints, as from contraction of muscles. In the morning hours the parts are as if contracted, it disappears during rapid walking in open air. The right side is principally affected. Chest and head symptoms are in morning, abdominal symptoms in afternoon, and pain in extremities, skin diseases and fever in evening.

Bones.-- Tearing in, at night.

Skin.-- Vesicular eruptions finally forming scabs. Peeling off, of skin of many parts of body.

Sleep.-- Sleepless after midnight.

Fever.-- Pulse: Constantly accelerated day and night. Chill: With external coldness in evening, and from uncovering it night. Coldness runs up back. Alternating with heat every half hour. Heat: With puffy red face, especially in a warm room and after physical exertion. Frequent attacks of overrunning heat, each time ending with sweat, which breaks out most profusely on face, palms and soles. Sweat: After previous heat, at night as well as during day. Profuse night sweat over entire body, most violent after midnight and in early morning in bed.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars., Nux - v., PUL, Rhus-t.