This rosin is used as an anti-syphilitic.

1. Blennhorrhoeal discharge. Ulcers on the legs. Yellow and fetid urine. Cracking sensation in the tibia. 5. Profuse flow of saliva. Small painless pimple which terminates in suppuration, with smarting. Spot at the instep, painful in the middle and insensible all-round the circumference. Numbness of the left arm. Numbness of the limbs. 10. Sciatica. Swelling of the face as in the elephantiasis of the Greeks. Pain in a former cicatrix on the left side of the tongue. Cold hands. Heaviness of the head. 15. Pains in the head, recurring on the third and fourth day. Pain in the left ear, on the first day. Stool easier. Heat in the eyes. Sore eyes. 20. Drowsy day and night. Constant restlessness during sleep. Exaltation of ideas. Loathing of food, loss of appetite. Pain at the left shoulder, hindering breathing when walking. 25. Pustules on the penis. Eruption on the legs. Toothache for four days. Pimples on the occiput, on the fourteenth day. Vomiting, on the sixteenth day. 30. Urging to stool, with soft faeces. Little appetite. Severe pain in the thighs. Prickings in the tongue. Heaviness of the head.


1. Pain in the head. Heaviness of the head. Pain in left ear. Swelling of the face. 5. Heat in the eyes. Sore eyes. Toothache for four days. Prickings in the tongue. Flow of saliva. 10. Pain of a former cicatrix at the tongue. Loathing of food. Vomiting. Blennhorrhoea. Yellow and fetid urine. 15. Pain at left shoulder, hindering breathing when walking. Numbness of left arm. Cold hands. Severe pain in the thighs. Cracking in the tibia. 20. Painful spot at the instep, insensible all round. Sciatica. Drowsy. Restless sleep. Pustules on the penis. 25. Pimples on the occiput. Numbness of the limbs.