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Mind and Disposition.

Quiet disposition.


Vertigo, in the morning, after rising from the bed ; worse when walking, when sitting up, when turning the head ; with accelerated pulse, nausea and vomiting of food ; better when lying perfectly quiet.

Vertigo while going to sleep.

Heaviness and fulness in the head in the morning.

[5] Violent (linear) pain in a small spot over the left eye.


Deposit of a chalky, white mass on the anterior surface of the lens. (Cataract).


Itching and swelling (left ear with painful throbbing in the external meatus ; after three or four days, a discharge of a watery fluid, smelling like fish pickle, which causes a vesicular eruption upon the external ear and the neck wherever it touches the skin ; the ear bluish-red, as if infiltrated with water ; hearing impaired.


Coryza with hoarseness, while walking in the open air.


Sudden flushes of redness over the face.

Mouth and Throat.

[10] Profuse bleeding of the gums.

Sore throat and sensation of dryness of the fauces, always removed by eating and drinking.

Sensation of weakness (like faintness) in the stomach after local congestion of blood in the head and nape.

Passage of very offensive flatus.

Stool and Anus.

Stools colored black through and through.

Urinary Organs.

[15] Urine highly colored, acid.

Respiratory Organs.

Breath smells of garlic.

Dull pain in the region of the heart when sleeping on the left side ; relieved when lying on the back.

Palpitation of the heart, with throbbing through the whole body and full pulse, followed by perspiration.


Painful sensitiveness of the spine, from the last cervical to the fifth dorsal vertebra ; sensitive to pressure and touching.

[20] Pain in the sacrum, passing into the right thigh ; worse when pressing at stool, when coughing and laughing ; it extends from the sacral plexus through the great sciatic foramen, along the sciatic nerve, down in the thigh (especially on the right side).



Chilliness with the pains.

Perspiration at the face.

The spots which perspire itch more.


Ringworms cover the whole body ; red, elevated rings, very distinctly marked, especially on the lower extremities.

[25] Ringworms on the abdomen, head, above the wrist on the forearm.