Spigelia anthelmintica (Spigelia anthelmia).

Mind and Disposition.

Restlessness, with anxiety and great solicitude for the future.

Difficulty of thinking and disinclination to mental exertion.

Weakness of memory.


Giddiness when looking downwards.

[5] Vertigo, with nausea.

Boring headache, from within to without, in the forehead, vertex, or cerebellum.

Pressing headache, principally in the right temple ; worse from the least motion, stooping, noise, and from opening the mouth ; relieved while at rest and lying high with the head.

Sensation of soreness in the forehead and vertex.

Shaking in the brain ; worse when moving the head or when stepping hard.

[10] Tearing in the forehead in paroxysms, with fixed eyes.

Headache, beginning in the cerebellum (in the morning), spreading over the left side of the head, causing violent and pulsating pain in the left temple and over the left eye, with stitches in the left eye ; returning periodically.

Stitches in the left side of the head and out of the left eye.

Painfulness of the cerebellum, with stiffness of the neck.

The headaches are aggravated from the least motion and exertion, from stooping, from the least noise, and are relieved when lying high with the head and from washing the head with cold water.

[15] Periodical headaches.

Tension of the scalp.

Sensitiveness of the scalp to the touch.


Painfulness of the eyes, deep in the sockets, especially when moving them.

Sensation as if the eyes were too large.

[20] Pressure in the balls of the eyes, especially when turning them.

Stitches in the eyes.

Dry heat and burning in the eyes ; is compelled to close them.

Redness of the white of the eye ; the vessels strongly injected.

Inflammation of the cornea.

[25] The eyelids hang down, are hard and immovable.

Lachrymation ; tears acrid.

Inflammation and ulceration of the eyelids.

Weakness of the eyes ; in whatever direction they are turned they remain.

Great inclination to wink with the eyes.

[30] Far-sightedness.


Otalgia, with pressing pain, as from a plug.

The ears feel as if they were stuffed up.

Periodical deafness.


Tickling and itching in the nose.

Herpetic, sore, painful eruption on the nose.

[35] Secretion of large quantities of mucus through the posterior nares, the nose being dry.


Pale, bloated and distorted face, especially when awaking from sleep in the morning.

Yellow rings around the eyes.

Redness of the face ; perspiration on the face.

Periodical faceache ; pains burning and tensive, especially in the cheek-bones, above the eyebrows, in the in the left side.

Mouth and Throat.

[40] Toothache immediately after eating, or at night, driving one out of bed.

Twitching or pulsating toothache in decayed teeth ; aggravated by cold water and from cold air.

Putrid, fetid breath.

Stinging dryness in the mouth on waking in the morning.

White or yellow mucus in the mouth or throat.

[45] Blisters on the tongue and in the throat, burning.

Cracked tongue.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Loss of appetite, with violent thirst.

Ravenous hunger, with nausea and thirst.

Sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach to the touch.

[50] Pressure in the stomach, as from a hard lump.

Nausea in the morning, fasting, as if something were rising in the throat from the stomach.

Pressing in the region of the navel, as from a hard lump.

Stitches in the abdomen.

Colic (cutting) pain in the abdomen (from worms).

[55] Emission of fetid flatus.

Stool and Anus.

Frequent inefficient urging to stool.

Discharge of large lumps of mucus without feces.

Discharge of feces with worms.

Itching and tickling at the anus and in the rectum.

[60] Lumbrici, ascarides.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent micturition, with profuse discharge.

Urine with whitish sediment.

Involuntary dripping of urine, with burning in the orifice of the urethra.

Sexual Organs.

Erections and voluptuous fancies, but without sexual desire.

[65] Tingling around the corona glandis.

Swelling of one-half of the corona.

Respiratory Organs.

Catarrh with hoarseness ; continuous coryza ; dry heat without thirst ; protruded eyes ; violent headache and weeping.

Nightly catarrh with cough (Influenza).

Shortness of breath, especially when talking, with redness of the cheeks and lips.

[70] Dyspnoea when moving in bed ; can only lie on the right side, or lying very high with the head.

Dyspnoea and suffocating attacks on moving and raising the arms up ; violent cough, with dyspnoea.

Constriction in the chest, with anxiety and difficulty of breathing.

Stitches in the chest worse from the least movement, or when breathing.

Sensation of tearing in the chest.

[75] Trembling sensation in the chest ; aggravated from the least movement.

Stitches in the diaphragm, with dyspnoea.

Violent (visible and audible) palpitation of the heart ; aggravated when bending the chest forward.

Stitches in the heart.

Organic diseases of the heart. (Rubbing, bellows sounds).


Stitches in the back ; also when breathing.


[80] Upper. Stitches in the joints of the arms and hands.

Hard, burning-itching nodosities in the hands.

Lower. Stitches in the joints of the legs and feet and in the thigh.

Wart-like excrescences on the toes.


Stinging pain in the limbs and principally in the joints.

[85] Heaviness and soreness in the body when rising from a seat.

Painful sensitiveness of the body to the touch with chilliness on the parts touched, or with tingling running through the whole body.


Great sleepiness during the day, even in the morning, with late going to sleep at night.

Restless, unrefreshing sleep at night and sleepiness in the morning.


Pulse irregular, generally strong but slow.

[90] Trembling pulse.

Chill, frequently returning at the same hour in the morning.

Chill alternating with heat or perspiration.

Chilliness on some part of the body, on others heat.

Chilliness from the least movement.

[95] The chill extends from the chest.

Heat especially in the back.

Flushes of heat at night, with thirst for beer.

Heat in the face and on the hands, with chill in the back.

At night putrid perspiration with heat at the same time.

[100] Clammy perspiration on the hands.

Cold perspiration.


Painful glandular swellings.

Pale, wrinkled skin of the body.


Aggravation : after washing ; after coition ; on bending down ; while inhaling ; from the least movement ; from noise ; on rising from a seat ; from touching the parts ; when walking in the open air.