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Mind and Disposition.

Quiet and melancholy mood.

Anxiety, with restlessness and yawning.

Wild delirium, with distorted countenance.


Vertigo, especially on stooping and on turning the eyes upwards.

[5] Stupefaction of the head, he falls down unconscious.

Heaviness of the head, especially in the cerebellum.

Congestions of blood to the head, with heat and beating in it.

Headache as if a ball were rising from the throat into the brain.

Great dryness of the hair, it falls off even in the beard.


[10] Inflammation of the eyes, with congestion of blood to them.

Pressing in the eyes, as if the balls were too large.

Pupils contracted.

Paralysis of the upper eyelids.

Spasmodic contraction of the eyelids.

[15] Yellow color of the white of the eye.

Cloudiness before the eyes, inducing one to rub them.


Stitches and tearing in the ears.

Hardness of hearing ; often sudden deafness.


Erysipelatous inflammation of the nose.

[20] Fetid odor before the nose.

Much tough mucus in the nose, which can only be discharged through the posterior nares.

The nose is cold.


Face pale, yellowish, like a corpse.

Bloated face.

Swelling of one side of the face.

[25] The skin of the face is greasy, shining.

Painless pealing off of the lips.


Tearing in the jaws, relieved by rubbing them.

Mouth and Throat.

The teeth become black.

[30] Yellow mucus on the teeth.

Teeth hollow, decayed, crumbling off, and smelling offensively.

Pale, swollen gums ; purple-colored thin border on the gums nearest the teeth.

Hard, painful tubercles in the gums.

Grinding of the teeth.

[35] Dryness in the mouth.

Aphthae and dirty-looking ulcers and purple blotches in the mouth and on the tip of the tongue.

Sensation in the throat as from a plug or foreign body.

It rises in the throat like a ball (globus hystericus).

Constriction in the throat, as soon as the least effort is made to swallow, with great urging to do so.

[40] Inflammation of the tonsils, -formation of consecutive, small, exceedingly painful abscesses in the tonsils.

Paralysis of the throat, with inability to swallow.

Accumulation of sweetish saliva in the mouth.

Froth in the mouth.

Inflammation, swelling, and heaviness of the tongue.

[45] Tongue dry, brown, cracked, or coated yellowish or green.

Paralysis of the tongue preventing speech.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Violent thirst, especially for cold water.

Sweetish taste.

Sweetish eructations ; gulping up of sweetish water.

[50] Violent vomiting ; of food and of discolored substances, with violent colic ; or of greenish and blackish substances.

Vomiting of feces, with constipation.

Painful pressure in the stomach.

Violent colic ; the abdomen drawn in, especially the nave which seems to be drawn back by a string to the spina column.

Constriction of the intestines ; navel and anus are violently drawn in.

[55] Colic and paralysis of the lower extremities.

Hard lump in the abdomen, as from internal indurations.

Rumbling in the abdomen.

Inflammation, ulceration and gangrene of the bowels.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation ; stools hard, lumpy, difficult to expel.

[60] Painful, fetid diarrhoea of yellow feces.

Bloody diarrhoea ; watery diarrhoea, with vomiting and violent colic, especially pain in the umbilicus.

Painful contraction and constriction of the anus.

Prolapsus ani.

Urinary Organs.

Difficult emission of urine ; only by drops.

[65] Strangury.


Sexual Organs.

Men. Genitals swollen and inflamed.

Constriction of the testicles.

The testicles are drawn up.

[70] Increased sexual desire with violent erections.

Women. Miscarriage.

Respiratory Organs.

Spasmodic dyspnoea.

Constriction of the larynx.

Cough with expectoration of blood, or of pus (after haemorrhages from the lungs).

[75] Dry, spasmodic cough.

Breathing heavy, difficult.

Stitches in the chest and sides.

Anxiety about the heart and violent palpitation.

Back and Neck.

Stitches in the back and small of the back and between the shoulder-blades.

[80] Tension in the neck, extending to the ears when moving the head.


Upper. Convulsive motions of the arms and hands, with pain in the joints.

Weakness and painful lameness of the arms.

Wens on the hand.

Lower. Paralytic sensation in the hip, knee and foot joints.

[85] Paralysis of the lower limbs and feet.

Swelling of the feet.

Fetid foot-sweat.


Twitching in the limbs.

Paralysis of the limbs.

[90] Sensation of constriction, with pain and spasms, in internal organs.

Epileptic attacks ; convulsions.

Dropsical swellings.

Emaciation, especially of the paralyzed parts, followed by swelling of those parts.



[95] Great sleepiness during the day.

Sleeplessness at night from colic.


Pulse very variable, generally contracted, small and slow ; at times hard and slow, occasionally small and quick.

Chill predominates, increasing towards evening, with violent thirst and redness of the face.

Coldness in the open air and when exercising.

[100] Heat with thirst, anxiety, redness of the face, and sleepiness.

Internal heat in the evening and at night, with yellowness of the buccal cavity.

Perspiration, anxious, cold and clammy.


Sensitiveness of the skin to the open air.

The color of the skin is yellow or pale-bluish.

[105] Dark-brown spots on the body.


Burning in the ulcers ; small wounds become easily inflamed and suppurate.



The ailments develop themselves slowly and intermit for a time, -intermission every third day.

[110] The pains in the limbs are worse at night and are relieved by rubbing.