Oxalicum acidum.

Mind and Disposition.

Great cheerfulness and clearness of mind.

Thinking of his ailments aggravates them.

A version to talk ; with headache, fulness in the face.


Vertigo, with weakness and thirst ; anxiety ; headache and perspiration.

[5] Vertigo while looking out of the window ; when rising from a seat.

Vertigo, like swimming, on lying down.

Sensation of emptiness in the head.

Dulness in the forehead (morning).

Pain in the forehead and vertex ; on the left side of the forehead, on waking.

[10] Pressing pain on small spots.

Pressing, like screwing behind both ears.

Headache after lying down, after sleeping, and on rising.

Headache relieved after stool.

Head affected by drinking wine.


[15] Pain in the balls of the eyes ; worse in the left.

Inclination to close the eyes.

Small, especially linear, objects appear larger ; they are thought to be more distant than they really are.

Vanishing of sight, with giddiness and perspiration ; with bleeding of the nose.


Stitches in the right nostril on taking a long inspiration.

[20] Pimples in the right side of the nose ; the wing of the nose is swollen.

Sneezing, with chilliness.

Red, shining swelling of the right side of the nose, beginning at the tip of the nose and from there extending.


Face red, swollen, feeling full ; hot or cold ; covered by cold perspiration.

Face pale and livid, with open mouth and unconsciousness.

[25] Pale color, with sunken eyes.

Mouth and Throat.

Pain in decayed molar teeth.

The gums bleed, and are painful in spots.

Small ulcers on the gums.

Tongue swollen, sensitive, red, dry, burning.

[30] Tongue swollen, with a thick white coating.

Tongue coated white, with nausea, thirst and loss of taste.

Sour taste in the mouth.


In the mouth, pain, accumulation of saliva, water, or mucus.

[35] In the throat, scraping, increased accumulation of mucus.

Dryness in the throat (in the morning) after diarrhoea.

Painful deglutition, especially in the morning.

Difficult deglutition, with sour eructations.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Appetite increased.

[40] Appetite wanting, with loss of taste, thirst and nausea.

Thirst, with vertigo, loss of appetite, nausea, colic.

The pain in the stomach is relieved by eating ; soup is pleasant when there is gnawing at the stomach.

After eating, eructations, nausea, pains at the navel, colic, rumbling in the abdomen, urging, to stool, weakness.

Eructations empty, sour.

[45] Sudden hiccough ; with eructations.

Nausea and thirst with colic, after diarrhoea.

Sensation of emptiness in the stomach, compelling one to eat.

Burning in the stomach and throat.

Stomach sensitive to the touch.

[50] Violent colic, waking one at night.

Continuous pain in the left hypochondrium, as if bruised ; stitches.

Stitches in the liver relieved by taking a deep breath.

Colic, rambling (evening and night).

Incarcerated flatulence (in the left hypochondrium).

[55] Colic pain around the navel, as if bruised ; stitches, with pressing and discharge of flatulence ; worse on moving, better when at rest.

Burning in small spots in the abdomen.

Cutting pain in the abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

Morning diarrhoea ; stools soft or watery, with colic around the navel and pressing in the rectum ; returning as soon as one lies down again.

Stool of mucus and blood.

[60] Before the stool and from the pain with the stool, headache.

During the stool micturition (fainting, vomiting).

After the stool nausea and tension in the calves ; dryness in the throat ; relief of the pain in the small of the back.

Diarrhoea as soon as one drinks coffee.

Constipation ; no stool.

[65] Pressing and straining in the rectum ; tenesmus.

Urinary Organs.

Pain in the region of the kidneys.

Frequent micturition and profuse discharge of urine.

Burning in the urethra, as from acrid drops.

When urinating pain in the glans penis.

Sexual Organs.

[70] Sexual desire increased.

Erections (forenoon).

Sensation of contusion in the testicles ; worse in the left testicle.

Heaviness of the testicles, with drawing pain, extending into the spermatic cords.

Respiratory Organs.

Hoarseness ; the larynx feels swollen, contracted, raw, with tickling in it.

Dry cough on taking violent exercise.

[75] Mucous secretion in the throat increased.

Mucus in small lumps, or bard or thick, yellowish-white phlegm, with black lumps in the centre of it.

Difficulty of breathing, with oppression of the chest (right side), when moving, about in the evening.

Difficulty of breathing, with constrictive pain in the larynx and wheezing.

When breathing, stitches in the chest and pain above the hip.

[80] Sudden lancinating pain in the left lung, depriving him of breath.

Dull, heavy, sore pain in the chest.

Pain in the middle of the chest, extending through to the back.

Pain in the heart ; soreness, stitches from behind forward or from upwards downwards.

Palpitation of the heart, after lying down at night.

[85] The beats of the heart intermit when thinking of it.

Back and Neck.

Pain in the back, under the point of the shoulder-blade, between the shoulders, extending from the shoulders to the loins.

Pain in the back, extending to the thighs.

Numbness, pricking, causing a sensation of coldness and weakness in the back ; the back is too weak to support the body.

Pain in the small of the back, sensation of numbness, or as if broken.

[90] Stitches extending from the chest into the shoulders.


Upper. Pain first in the left, later in the right deltoid muscle, with inclination to move.

The right wrist feels sprained, with inclination to stretch it and stitches in the ulnar region ; cannot bold any thing.

Pain in the (right) metacarpus and fleshy part of the right thumb, with sensation of fulness, heat and numbness.

Heaviness of the hand ; can move the fingers but slowly.

[95] Hands are cold, as if dead.

Arthritic pains in the fingers ; the fingers are drawn in.

Twitching of the fingers.

Dark nails.

Lower. Restlessness in the legs.

[100] The knees feel tired.

Weakness of the lower extremities ; they are gone to sleep ; paralysis, stiffness.

Pain in the limbs, with weakness and numbness.


The pains appear on small longitudinal spots.

The pains come on periodically.

[105] Trembling, convulsions.

Paralysis of the left side.


Frequent yawning ; sleepiness during the day.

Dreams, with fright and fear ; sits up and looks around.


Pulse more rapid in the morning ; slower, irregular, weak.

[110] Chilliness, ascending from below upwards.

Chilliness, with sneezing (evening).

Chill after diarrhoea (afternoon).

Shaking chill, with red face (evening).

Heat from every exertion.

[115] Heat, especially in the face or on the hands.

Heat with perspiration.

Perspiration with weakness, or with giddiness.

Night-sweat clammy and cold.


Skin very sensitive while shaving.

[120] Marbled skin.

Itching on the neck or fingers.

Itching eruption with redness.



Aggravation of the pains or ailments when thinking of them.

[125] Motion and exercise increase the pains.

Sugar aggravates the pains in the stomach, and wine the headache.