Ocimum canum.

Urinary Organs.

Turbid urine, depositing a white and albuminous sediment.

Urine of a saffron color.

Crampy pain in the kidneys.

Renal colic, with violent vomiting ; moans and cries, wrings the hands ; after the attack, red urine with brick-dust sediment, or discharge of large quantities of blood with the urine.

[5] Thick, purulent urine, with an intolerable smell of musk.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Heat, swelling, and excessive sensibility of the left testicle.

Women. Lancinations in the labia majora.

Swelling of the whole vulva.

Prolapsus vaginae.

[10] Engorgements of the mammary glands.

The tips of the breasts (nipples) are very painful ; the least contact extorts a cry.

Engorgement of the mammary glands.

The breasts feel full and tense.

Swelling of the inguinal glands.

[15] Numbness of the right thigh.