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Mind and Disposition.

Great anxiety with palpitation of the heart.

Hypochondriacal anxiety and ill humor.


Vertigo as soon as the head is moved.

Stupefying, compressing headache, mostly in the forehead, with nausea in the evening, worse when moving the head and in the room, better in the open air.

[5] Tension in the back part of the head and neck with nausea, worse in the evening, when sitting in the room, and when becoming cold, better in the open air, and when getting warm.

Headaches with nausea, compelling one to lie down.

Congestion of blood to the head, heaviness of the head.

Compressing headache, especially right over the root of the nose.


Pressing, itching and pimples on the eyes.

[10] The eyes are turned upwards, fixed and glistening.

Attacks of sudden blindness.


Detonation in the (right) ears like the report of a cannon, accompanied with the discharge of a few drops of blood.

Hardness of hearing.


Bleeding from the nose.

[15] Crawling in the point of the nose.


Earthy, pale complexion.

Pale face, with perspiration.

Redness of the right cheek without heat, with paleness of the left, which feels hot.

Heat in the face without redness, and with dimness of sight.

[20] Tension in the facial muscles, as if too short.

Peeling off of the lips.

Movement of the lower jaw, as if he were chewing.


Great dryness in the mouth.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Sudden nausea, as from the pit of the stomach ; the umbilicus being drawn in.

[25] Sensation of fulness and oppression in the pit of the stomach, with qualmishness, worse from eating.

Hysterical abdominal spasms.

Sensation as if every thing in the abdomen were constricted, compelling one to move about, cannot do any work, or remain quiet anywhere.

Incarcerated flatulence.

Stool and Anus.

Stools soft, smell sweetish.

[30] Involuntary loose stools during sleep.

Stitches in the anus, extending to the bladder.

Urinary Organs.

Copious watery urine.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Violent sexual excitement.

Involuntary emissions, painful, without erections.

[35] Erections with desire to urinate.

Impotence occasioned by a cold.

Women. Violent sexual desire.

Menses too early and too profuse.

Pressing, and drawing in the genitals, as if the menses would appear.

Respiratory Organs.

[40] Constriction of the trachea, as from the vapors of sulphur.

Suffocative spasmodic constrictions of the chest, especially as soon as he becomes cold.

Soreness of the thorax under the arms, when pressing on it.

Hysterical spasms of the chest.


Lower. Sensation of coldness on the tibia.

[45] Restlessness in the lower extremities, he has to move them all the time.


Fainting and weakness, especially at night in bed, or in the open air, or with hysterical persons.

Convulsions -tetanic spasms.

Hysterical complaints.

Hypochondriacal complaints, originating in the sexual system.


[50] Sleepiness in day-time.

Cannot lie at night in one position, because the parts on which one lies feel as if dislocated and sprained.

Sleeplessness from over-excitability ; of hysterical persons.


Pulse full and accelerated, with ebullitions.

Weak pulse, faintings from anaemia.

[55] Chill and chilliness, which extends itself over the whole body, from the scalp.

Sensation as if cold air were blowing on him, especially on uncovered parts.

External coldness, with internal heat.

One cheek is pale and hot, the other is red and cold.

Burning heat in the evening, in bed, frequently only on the right side, with restlessness and inclination to uncover oneself.

[60] The one hand is burning hot and pale, the other is cold and red.

Clammy perspiration in the morning, smelling of musk.


Herpes with excessive burning.


Aggravation in the cold air.

Amelioration on getting warm, or being in the warm air.