Mercurius proto-iodatus (Mercurius proto-jodatus).

Mind and Disposition.

Destructiveness, moodiness, depression of spirits.


Dizziness when reading, and when rising from a chair.

Occasional shooting pains in the temples ; sharp stitches in the temples.

The head feels dull and compressed, as if a heavy weight were pressing it down on the pillow.

[5] The head feels full and heavy.

Throbbing pain in the (fore) head.

Dull headache on awaking in the morning.

Sharp pain on the vertex.

Sensation as if the skull were cracking.

[10] Violent pain in the right side of the head (over the right temple).


Severe pain and soreness of right orbit (on rising in the morning).

Black clouds float before his eyes, when lying on his left side.


Sharp, throbbing, boring pain, from within outward, deep in the (left) ear.


Pain at the root of the nose (shooting pain).

[15] A great deal of mucus in the nose.

A great deal of mucus descends through the posterior nares into the throat.

The right side of the septum and right nostril are very sore and much swollen.


Dull bruised pain in the right malar bone, radiating into the forehead and right side of the head, a small spot pulsates and burns like fire.

Sharp stitches through the head and face.

[20] Soreness of all the bones of the face.

Stinging in the left cheek.

Mouth and Throat.

The teeth feel too long ; cannot eat.

Mouth, teeth and lips dry and sticky, the back part of the tongue is heavily coated.

Fine bright and red eruption on the roof of the mouth.

[25] Tongue coated ; yellowish white ; dirty yellow ; light brown.

Small, red, raised elevations on the tongue.

Coating on the back part of the tongue (thick, dirty yellow).

Coating bright yellow, the tips and edges are red.

Burning in the throat when swallowing the saliva.

[30] Dryness of the mouth and throat with frequent empty swallowing.

Dryness of the mouth and throat.

Pharynx, tonsils and uvula are red and congested.

Throat dry and burning with pain when swallowing.

Excessive secretion of mucus in the throat, difficult to dislodge, and which causes retching.

[35] The mucous patches on the tonsils and walls of the pharynx are easily detached.

Accumulation of mucus in the throat in the morning.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Thirst excessive, for acids or sour drinks.

Nausea, with suffocation about the heart and dizziness.

Weak, empty feeling at the stomach, with nausea.

[40] Nausea with sensation of disgust at the sight of food.

Burning at the stomach, with pain as from a blow.

Hardness of the abdomen.

Heat at the umbilicus, as if from a hot coal, worse when inspiring.

Small stool, of very tough feces, almost of the consistency of putty, requiring great straining for their evacuations.

[45] Stitching pain in the region of the liver relieved by pressing the hand against it.

Pain in the left hypochondrium, with dizziness on awakening in the morning.

Urinary Organs.

Urine copious and of a dark red color.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Sharp, shooting stitches in the end of the penis, through the glans.

Copious seminal emissions preceded by lewd dreams.

[50] Dreams that he must urinate this was followed by an emission.

Seminal emission of which he know nothing fin morning.

Respiratory Organs.

Sharp pain in the chest, behind the sternum.

Stitches through the (right side of the) chest.

Slight hacking cough when inspiring.

[55] Stitching pain in the heart.


Throbbing pain between the shoulders.

Severe pain as if bruised over the entire scapular region.

Throbbing pain on the right scapula.


Upper. Numbness and wearied feeling in the right arm, aggravated by writing.

[60] Lameness and stiffness of the right shoulder.

Rheumatic, laming pain in the right arm, aggravated by writing.

Soreness and lameness of the left shoulder ani arm at night when lying on the left side.

Soreness and pain of the right arm ; worse from pressure, rubbing and passive motion.

Sharp pain in the right shoulder, obliging him to cease writing.

[65] Heavy feeling of the right arm.

Lame numbness of the left shoulder and left arm.

Rheumatic pain in the right hand, at night, in bed.

Lower. Weariness in the legs, with dull pains and tingling.

Heavy laming pains in the calves of both legs, with pain in the left knee-joint.

[70] Pain in the sole of the left foot (causing faintness), with feeling of faintness through the whole body.


Sticking pains : both scapulae, right temple, right side of the chest, left ear, along the outer borders of both hands and both little fingers.

Heaviness of the limbs, with laziness and drowsiness.

He feels languid and sleepy.

Excessive tired feeling of all the limbs, especially when lying on the left side, relieved by lying on the right side.


[75] Sleeplessness without restlessness ; before 1 A.M.

Frightful dreams ; nightmare.


Pulse weak, irregular and laboring.

Chills with trembling all over the body.


Troublesome itching over the whole body, not relieved by scratching.

[80] Persistent itching spots over the whole body, following, each other in rapid succession.


While in church she felt as if she would faint.

The stools during the day-time are copious, soft and of a dark or light yellowish brown color ; at night they are scanty, hard and black.

Steady pressure sometimes relieves the pain.

Aggravation ; in the evening, at night until 1 A.M., or after dinner until 4 P.M. ; during rest ; during passive motion ; by writing.

[85] Amelioration ; from active motion ; while exercising.