Magnesia sulphurica.

Mind and Disposition.

Sad and weeping mood, with foreboding anxiety, as if some accident would happen.

Ill-humor, irritable.


Vertigo with heaviness of the head ; with spontaneous closing of the eyes.

Dull or stupid feeling of the head, as if bandaged or screwed in.

[5] Feeling of heaviness of the head with vertigo.

Stitches, stabbings in the head.

Boring in the vertex.

Sensation in the forehead on stooping as if something would fall forward.


Violent pains in the eyes, especially the right, as if it wood start out of its socket.

[10] Stinging in both eyes.

Dimness of the eyes with frequent drowsiness.

Burning of the eyes, especially at candle-light.

Lachrymation with photophobia.


Bleeding of the nose (at night) with diminution of the headache.

[15] Fluent coryza, with rough voice, pain in the chest and frequent flow of water from the nose.

Pain in the posterior nares as from air pressing through with violence, when coughing or talking.


Tearing in the right facial bones or in the left malar bone.

Burning of the lips in the evening, with dryness.

Mouth and Throat.

Toothache on entering the room from the cold air, aggravated by contact of food, and by cold and warm things.

[20] Mouth and throat are very dry, as if numb.

Stinging in the fauces, more between than during the act of deglutition.

Frequent mucus in the throat, which can neither be swallowed nor hawked up.

Thirst early in the morning on rising, going off after breakfast.

Thirst in the evening, particularly during the menses.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[25] Rising of water from the stomach, also with loathing and nausea.

Vomiting (in the afternoon), first of the ingesta, then of mucus.

Trembling of the stomach, with subsequent gulping up of water, which sometimes has a putrid taste.

Feeling of coldness in the stomach with inclination to vomit.

Sticking in the left hypochondriac region, particularly when sitting or in the evening.

[30] Distention, fulness and hardness of the abdomen, even after a moderate meal.

Rumbling in the abdomen with emission of flatulence.

Itching of the left inguinal region, not removed by scratching.

Stool and Anus.

Alternation of hard and soft stools.

Liquid stools with tenesmus.

[35] Diarrhoea preceded by rumbling in the abdomen.

Soft stools early after rising.

Discharge of ascarides at every evacuation.

Urinary Organs.

Increased emission of clear, greenish urine.

Nocturnal micturition (involuntary).

Sexual Organs.

[40] Men. Frequent stinging about the penis when sitting or walking.

Erections without amorous fancies or sexual desire.

Women. During menses, great heaviness in the head ; bruised pain in the small of the back ; pain in the groins.

Discharge of blood between the menses.

Burning leucorrhoea particularly during motion.

[45] Thick leucorrhoea, with bruised pain in the small of the back and thighs.

Respiratory Organs.

Deep hollow bass voice (as in catarrh).

Dry cough with burning from the larynx to the pit of the stomach.

Dry cough in the evening in bed, during which he falls asleep.

Loose cough with soreness in the mouth and throat.

[50] Painful burning in the chest when coughing, as if a piece of the lungs would come out.

Oppression of the chest, with burning in the chest when walking.

Burning in the middle of the chest.

Burning under the upper part of the sternum.

Back and Neck.

Nightly pain in the small of the back and thighs.

[55] Rheumatic pain between the shoulders.

Tension in the nape of the neck and between the shoulders, with stitches, particularly in the morning on rising, with great sensitiveness to the touch, relieved by walking.


Upper. Rheumatic pains in the left elbow, in the left wrist-joint.

Trembling of the hands.

Tingling in the fingers ; going off by rubbing.

[60] Lower. Rheumatic pain in the hip, in the left femur.

Cracking of the tarsal joint at every step.


Rheumatic pains in the limbs, particularly at night.

Great languor with staggering gait.

Languid weakness of the feet with trembling of the whole body.

[65] Bruised feeling of the whole body.


Sleeplessness from violent headache, colic, pain in the small of the back which does not allow him to lie on his back.

Anxious dreams, with starting.


Shuddering in the back, in the evening, from below upwards.

Chilliness with thirst, early in the morning after waking.

[70] Chilliness in the evening going off in bed.

Shaking chill with violent headache in the evening, 9 P.M., going off in bed, succeeded by thirst.

Chill from 9 P.M. till 10 A.M., followed by perspiration in the afternoon.

Alternation of heat and shuddering, with alternate redness and paleness of the face.

Heat and vertigo on raising the head in bed accompanied with perspiration on the forehead and redness in the face.

[75] Heat of the head with coldness of the rest of the body.

Cold feet all day, although otherwise he feels hot.


Itching blotches, either hard or as from nettles with burning, after scratching.

Small red tetter (on the arms), with violent itching.