Jacaranda caroba.


Dull pain between the forehead and right temple, shifting to the other side and then disappearing.

Fulness in the head.

Fulness first in the right, later in the left temple, going to the nape of the neck where it disappears.

Pain, as ; if a plug were pressing on the right side of the forehead.


[5] Flapping in the ears, as of wings.

Stoppage and heat in the left ear, with burning, digging pain extending to the left nostril.


Sneezing and fluent coryza.

Coryza, with heaviness and weariness at the vertex, forehead and eyes.

Mouth and Throat.

Food tastes flat or acid.

[10] Dry mouth in the morning, in bed.

Raw pain at the left side of the tongue.

Mouth dry and clammy.

Sore throat, with constriction of the pharynx and difficult deglutition.

Constrictive sensation at the throat.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[15] Nausea when eating.

Fulness at the pit of the stomach, with hurried breathing.

Pressure at the pit of the stomach.

Painful stitch between the pit of the stomach and the umbilicus.

Painful stitch in the left side of the navel.

[20] Swelling of the right groin painful to the touch.

Acute pain at the hypogastrium when pressing upon it.

Stool and Anus.


Itching at the anus while sitting.

Acute pain, with lancination in the anus.

[25] Prickings around the anus.

Excrescence at the anus.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Heat and pain of the penis.

The orifice of the urethra looks like two inflamed lips, itching on being touched.

Discharge of yellowish-white liquid from the prepuce.

[30] Prickling in the prepuce.

Pain in the prepuce, as if a small bundle of fibres were seized.

Phymosis. -The prepuce cannot be drawn back.

Suppuration between the glans and prepuce.

Itching and pricking at the margin of the prepuce.

[35] Itching pimple at the glans, suppurating like a chancre, and leaving a red point when dry.

Acute pain in the left testicle when walking.

Heat and swelling of the scrotum.

Painful erections caused by the swelling of the prepuce.

The contact of the urine causes tearing pains, which affect the whole organism.


Respiratory Organs.

[40] Dull pain under the sternum on raising the head and drawing breath.

Prickings under the sternum.

Sensation as if the heart heat in the pit of the stomach.

Lancing pain in the region of the heart.

Painful stitch at the heart, extending to the right side.

[45] Stitch at the heart, which seems to heat slowly.


Upper. Rheumatic pains in the left arm in the morning.

Pain from the left elbow through the forearm.

Red spot with a yellowish pellicle on the wrist.

Lower. Ulcers on the legs.

[50] Rheumatic pain in the right knee, disappearing on motion.


Restless sleep with frightful dreams.


Internal chill.

Dry, pricking heat all over.