Hypericum perforatum.


Great heaviness in the head.

Pulsation, heat and burning in the vertex (afternoon).

Sensation in the forehead as ; if touched by an icy cold hand.

Sensation as if the head became elongate.


[5] Stitches in the right eye.


Shooting through the ear.


The face feels hot, bloated.

Tension in the cheek.

Mouth and Throat.

[10] Dryness of the lips and mouth.

Dry, burning heat in the mouth.

Tongue, white or coated foul ; yellow.

Thirst with feeling of heat in the mouth ; violent thirst.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Eructation on drinking water.

Pressure at the stomach on eating but little.

[15] Sticking in the stomach ; right hypochondrium.

Tympanitic distention of the abdomen ; relieved by a stool.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation ; violent tenesmus, with discharge of a hard little ball ; with nausea.

Urinary Organs.

Nightly urging to urinate, with vertigo.

Desire to urinate, with violent tearing in the genital organs.

Sexual Organs.

[20] Women. Menses, too late.

Tension in the region of the uterus, as from a tight bandage.


Respiratory Organs.


Stitches in the chest, below the breasts.

[25] Pressure and burning in the chest.


Aching pain and sensation of lameness in the small of the back.

Stitches in the small of the back.


Upper. Stitches ; on the top of the shoulder at every inspiration.

Tension in both arms and in the hands.

[30] Lower. Sensation as ; if the left foot was strained or dislocated.

The feet feel pithy, as if pricked with needles.


Constant drowsiness.


Sensation of lameness of the left arm and right foot.

Feeling of weakness ; and trembling of all the limbs.


[35] Pulse hard, accelerated.

Shuddering over the whole body, with desire to urinate.

Heat, with delirium ; wild, staring look ; hot head ; throbbing of the carotids ; bright-red, bloated face ; moist hair on the head ; burning heat of the skin ; great oppression and anguish.


Smarting eruption, like nettle-rash, on the hands.

Mechanical injuries ; wounds by nails or splinters in the feet, needles under the nails, squeezing, hammering ; of the toes and fingers, especially the tips a of the fingers ; when the nerves have been lacerated, wounded, torn, with excruciating pains ; it prevents lock-jaw from wounds in the soles of the feet, or of the fingers and palms of the hands.


[40] Sensitiveness to cold.

Violent excruciating from laceration of the nerves are readily subdued by the internal administration alone.