Gratiola officinalis.

Mind and Disposition.

Serious, taciturn, absorbed in reverie.

Irresolute, want of perseverance.

Ill-humor, tired of life, apprehensive of the future.


Vertigo, while reading ; on rising from a seat.

[5] Intoxicated feeling during and after a meal.

Pressure in the forehead, with vertigo.

Sensation of heaviness in the forehead, as if the brain would fall forward, with stoppage of the nose.

Heat in the head, on raising the head.

Tightness in the forehead with wrinkles in the skin.

[10] The headache is aggravated by rising from the seat and by walking in the open air.

The head is very sensitive to cold.

Itching of the scalp.


Itching of the eyelashes.

The eyes feel dry and as if sand were in them.

[15] Mist before the eyes, when reading or writing.

Short-sightedness, with burning heat in the face.


Itching of the ears.


Smarting-itching in the left nostril.

Pressure at the upper part of the nose.


[20] Burning heat in the face.

Tingling-burning in the malar bones.

Sensation of tension in the face ; it feels swollen.

Swelling of the upper lip (every morning) (with stinging).

Mouth and Throat.

Accumulation of clear water in the mouth.

[25] Tongue rough, coated with mucus.

Fetid breath on waking.

Pain in the throat obliging one to swallow constantly ; the swallowing is difficult, as if the throat were contracted ; worse during empty deglutition.

Stinging in the throat (left side).

Phlegm in the throat, with inability to throw it off.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[30] Hunger without appetite.

Violent thirst.


Gulping up of bitter substances.

Paroxysms of inclination to vomit, relieved by eructations.

[35] Empty retching.

Pressure in the stomach after every meal.

Empty or cold feeling in the stomach.

Gnawing, as from hunger after eating.

In the left hypochondrium heating pain, burning.

[40] Pinching in the umbilical region, relieved by emission of flatulence.

Cold feeling in the abdomen.

Rumbling, with nausea, eructations, and vertigo.

Stool and Anus.

Diarrhoea ; stools, watery yellow-green, succeeded by burning at the anus ; green frothy, coming out with great force.

Stools with burning and protrusion of large, stinging-burning tumors.

[45] Passage of feces without being conscious of it.

Discharge of ascarides.

In the rectum soreness ; burning during and after stool.

In the anus stinging, itching.

Urinary Organs.

Scanty reddish urine, becoming turbid while standing.

[50] Floculent sediment in the urine.

Burning in the urethra during and after micturition.

Genital Organs.

Men. Stitches in the left spermatic cord, ascending through the abdomen up to the chest.

Involuntary emission succeeded by a painful erection.

Women. Menses too early and too profuse.

[55] Nymphomania.

Dartings in the right mamma.

Respiratory Organs.

Heat in the chest, then in the head and hands, with redness of the face.

Violent palpitation of the heart, particularly immediately after stool, and with oppression of the chest.

Back and Neck.

Sensation as if the neck were seized with the hand.

[60] Darting from the left scapula to the shoulder and mamma.


Upper. Rheumatic pains in the shoulders, arms, fingers, particularly in the elbow and wrist joint.

Itching in the palms of the (right) hand.

Lower. Bruised pain in the thigh, after a short walk.

Lancinating tearing in the tibia when sitting, disappearing when walking.

[65] Smarting-itching on the tibia.


Irresistible drowsiness with yawning.

Deep sleep, like stupor.


Pulse small, intermittent.

Chilliness in a warm room, during sleep, after an evacuation ; with the hair standing on end.

[70] Heat, ascending to the face, with redness and increased external warmth.

Constant vaporous exhalation from the body.


Physical and mental depression.

Great languor and prostration.

Tetanic condition, without loss of consciousness, while lying down after a meal, followed by a deep sleep with emission of semen ; bruised feeling of the body, back and left arm on waking.


[75] Itching, with burning after scratching.


Aggravation on sitting, or on rising from a seat ; in the after noon ; after a meal.

Amelioration by contact.