Mind and Disposition.

Fear, with the sensation of constriction of the chest and as if the neck were swollen, or as if something unpleasant would happen to him.

Unusually bright and loquacious, with great flow of ideas.

Loses his way in the known streets, the walk seems too long ; the chin feels too long.


Unsteady gait.

[5] Giddiness when the head is moved.

Heaviness in the head, principally in the forehead.

Dull headache with warm perspiration in the forehead.

Fulness in the head, as if the brain was expanding itself, were moving in waves.

Congestion of blood to the head (apoplexy).

[10] Pulsation in the forehead, in the temples, on the vertex ; when walking every step is felt in the neck, when moving the head.

Stitches in the temples or the right side of the forehead.

Sore and bruised feeling in the brain, worse when shaking the head.

The pain, heat and fulness in the head ascend from the chest, neck or back part of the head.

Shaking aggravates the headache, as well as stooping motion, ascending steps.

[15] External pressure relieves.

Waking in the open air, uncovering the head, relieves.

Headache with accelerated pulse, red face, perspiration on the face ; he becomes unconscious.


Eyes dull, staring, sunken.

The whites of the eye is red, the eyes protrude, look wild.

[20] Protruding pains.

Heat in the balls of the eyes, lids, around the eyes.

In the eyeballs, stitches, twitchings, soreness, pressure.

Sparks, flashes before the eyes.

The letters appear smaller.

[25] Black spots before and obscuration of the eyes, with fainting.


Sensation of fulness, in and around the ears.

Stitches in the ears, the ears feel as if closed.

Ringing, singing in the ears.


Pain at the root of the nose.

[30] The headache extends into the nose.


Paleness of the face with heat and congestion of blood to the head and chest.

Heat in the face with pulsations in the head and palpitations of the heart.

Redness of the face, especially the upper part of it, with headache.

Itching, especially in the middle of the face.

[35] Pain and stiffness of the articulation of the jaw.

Sensation as if the under lip were swollen.

Mouth and Throat.

Pulsating toothache with headache.

Tongue swollen with pricking it, the tongue smarts.

Sensation of soreness and swelling on the roof of the mouth with pulsation.

[40] The soft palate feels contracted and dry.

In the throat tickling, heat, soreness.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Nausea causing perspiration.

Nausea with and caused by the headache, with colic ; congestion of blood to the head and chest and pale face.

Gnawing in the pit of the stomach.

[45] Sensation of emptiness in the pit of the stomach.

Sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach, especially on stooping.

Colic, cutting pain principally below the navel, wakening one in the morning before and after loose stools.

Rumbling in the lower part of the abdomen, principally when lying on the left side.

Stool and Anus.

Diarrhoeic stools with rumbling and discharges of flatulency, beginning in the morning and lasting all day.

Urinary Organs.

[50] Increased secretion of pale (albuminous) urine ; has to rise frequently during the night and must pass large quantities of albuminous urine.

Genital Organs.

Women. Menstruation suppressed by Glonoine.

During the menstruation, congestion of blood to the head and chest, headache, fainting.

During pregnancy headache, congestions of blood to the head and chest.

Respiratory Organs.

Constriction of the chest.

Oppression of the chest alternating with headache.

[55] Desire to take a long deep inspiration.


Congestions to the chest.

Palpitation of the heart with heat in the face, accelerated pulse and pulsation of the carotid arteries.

Severe stitches from the heart, extending into the back.

In the heart sensation of fulness, heaviness ; and heat, with labored beating of the heart.

Back and Neck.

[60] The neck feels weak and tired, cannot support the head.

Stiffness of the neck, clothing seems to be too tight.

On the neck sensation of fulness, tension, pulsation.

Pain in the whole spinal column, or heat and chilliness.

Burning heat between the shoulder-blades.


[65] Upper. In the arms restlessness, weakness, want of circulation.

Sensation of weakness ; and numbness in the left arm.

Feels the beating of all the pulses in the tips ; of the fingers, accompanied by trembling of the fingers.

Lower. Weakness and numbness of the left thigh.

Weakness of the legs, the knees and ankles give way.

[70] Restlessness in the limbs causes him to rise.


Yawning with headache, congestion of blood to the head.

Sleepiness early in the evening.

He is difficult to waken.


Weakness as from loss of sleep.

[75] Fainting with consciousness.

Unconscious falling down.

Pulsations, tingling, thrills, and a peculiar sensation of warmth through the body, extending from above downward.

Convulsions (from congestions to the head) ; the fingers are spread apart and stretched out (left side).


Pulse accelerated, irregular, intermitting, full and hard, small and rapid.

[80] Heat, especially in the face, ascending from the pit of the stomach to the head.

Perspiration principally in the face, after sleeping.

Perspiration relieves the nausea.


Bad effects of mental excitement, fright, fear, mechanical contusions and their later consequences.

Bad effects from having the hair cut.

[85] Bad effects from being exposed to the rays of the sun.