Digitalis purpurea.

Mind and Disposition.

Great anxiety and inclination to shed tears ; apprehension about the future.

Gloomy and peevish.

Indisposed to speak ; inclination to lassitude.


Giddiness, with trembling.

[5] Dulness of the head, with limited power of thinking.

Stitches in the temples (evening and night).

Stitches in the forehead, extending into the nose, especially after drinking something cold.

When stooping, sensation as if something fell forward in the head.

Pressure in the forehead, from mental exertion.

[10] Sensation of itching in the head (inside, one-sided).

Sudden cracking in the head (during a siesta), with starting, as in a fright.

Hydrocephalus ; sensation as if waves or water were heating on the skull ; worse while standing, talking, shaking the head and bending the head backward-relieved when lying down or bending the head forward.

The head is inclined to sink backward.


Burning pain in the right eyebrow.

[15] Blueness of the eyelids.

Swelling of the lower lid.

Inflammation of the Meibomian glands.

Agglutination of the eyes in the morning.

Lachrymation (tears, acrid) ; worse in the room than in the open air ; worse from bright light and cold air (in the morning).

[20] Diminished irritability of the pupil ; aversion to light.

Painless obscuration of the lens.

Obscuration of sight.

Dark bodies, like flies, hover before the eyes.

Double vision (diplopia).

[25] Things appear green (or yellow).


Hissing before the ears, like boiling water (with hardness of hearing).

Single stitches behind the ears.

Painful swelling of the parotid gland and behind the ear.


Pain above the root of the nose.

[30] Coryza, with hoarseness.


Pale face ; bluish hue under the pale skin.

Blue lips (and eyelids).

Lips dry, parched.

Black pores in the skin, which suppurate and become ulcerated.

[35] Convulsions on the left side of the face.

Mouth and Throat.

Blueness of the tongue.

Swelling of the tongue.

White-coated tongue (morning).

Fetid or sweetish ptyalism (with soreness of mouth, gums and tongue).

[40] Ulcer on the tongue.

Mouth and throat rough, sore ; scraped feeling of.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Loss of appetite and clean tongue.

Continuous thirst, with dry lips.

Flat, slimy taste ; bread tastes bitter.

[45] Gulping up of an acrid or tasteless fluid.

Nausea ; convulsive efforts to vomit.

Vomiting (morning) of the ingesta, of a green liquid.

Nausea, as if he would die with it ; continuous, and not relieved by vomiting.

Nausea and vomiting of food as soon as he eats.

[50] If she expectorates she has to vomit at once what she has eaten.

Vomiting of mucus.

Great sensation of weakness in the stomach (sinking), as if he would die, soon after eating.

Burning in the stomach, extending up to the oesophagus.

Colic, with nausea and vomiting.

[55] Stitches in the pit of the stomach, extending to the sides and back.

Contractive pain in the abdomen.

Sensitiveness to pressure in the region of the liver.

Distension of the abdomen (ascites).

Stool and Anus.

Stool gray, ash-colored, white as chalk.

[60] Watery diarrhoea.

Diarrhoea, consisting of faeces and mucus.

Chilliness previous to stool.

Urinary Organs.

Pressure on the bladder, with the sensation as if it were too full, continuing after micturition.

Continual desire to urinate ; each time only a few drops are emitted ; the urine is dark-brown, hot, and burning on passing.

[65] Frequent emission of small quantities of water-colored urine.

Excessive emission of urine.

While in a recumbent position the urine can be retained for a longer time.

Difficult micturition, as if the urethra were constricted.

Inflammation of the bladder (neck of the bladder).

[70] Cutting pain before and after micturition.

Genital Organs.

Men. Hydrocele ; the scrotum looks like a bladder filled with water.

Dropsical swelling of the genitals.

Contusive pain in the right testicle.

Respiratory Organs.

Oppressed breathing when walking and in a recumbent position.

[75] Hoarseness (in the morning, after a night-sweat).

Tenacious mucus in the throat, detached by coughing.

Hollow, spasmodic cough, from roughness and scraping in the throat ; expectoration, only in the evening, of yellow jelly-like mucus, tasting sweet ; sometimes small quantities of dark blood are expectorated (expectoration like boiled starch).

Cough worse at midnight and during the morning hours.

The cough is caused by talking, walking, drinking any thing cold ; when bending the body forward ; after eating.

[80] Sensation of soreness in the chest.

Increased activity of the heart, with slow pulse.

Violent, audible palpitation of the heart, with sensation of contractive pains on the sternum.



Upper. Heaviness or paralytic weakness of the left arm.

[85] The fingers go to sleep frequently and readily.

Lower. Weakness and lassitude of the lower extremities.

Tightness in the bends of the knees ; swelling (fatty) of the knee, with stinging pain.

Pain in the hip-joint.

Swelling of the feet during the day (diminished at night).

[90] Coldness of the feet (and hands).


Continuous sleepiness during the day (lethargy).

Uneasy, unrefreshing sleep.

Frequent waking at night ; smarting up from a dream, as with fright, as if one were falling from a height or into water.

Uneasy sleep at night, on account of constant desire to urinate.

[95] Feeling of great emptiness of the stomach frequently, previous to falling asleep.


Faintness and debility, with perspiration.

Attacks of great debility, especially after breakfast and dinner.

Great nervous weakness.

Graty nodosities.

[100] Prickling pain in the muscles of the upper and lower extremities.

Dropsy of internal and external parts.


Pulse very low, especially when at rest (every other heat intermits).

Pulse irregular ; intermitting.

While moving about the pulse is accelerated, and soon sinks down again to its accustomed slowness when at rest.

[105] Chilliness more internally, with heat of the face ; beginning with coldness of the extremities, from them extending over the whole body.

Internal chilliness, with external heat.

Chilliness, with heat and redness of the face.

Coldness of the hands and feet, with cold perspiration.

Sudden flushes of heat, followed by great debility.

[110] Increased heat of the body, with cold perspiration on the face.

Heat of one hand and coldness of the other.

Perspiration, generally at night ; cold and clammy.

Perspiration after the chill, no heat intervening.


Jaundice ; cyanosis ; dropsy.

[115] Elastic white swelling of the whole body.

General paleness of the skin.