Crocus sativus.

Mind and Disposition.

Gaiety ; uncommon mirth and cheerfulness ; witty ; joking loquacious.

Sings involuntarily, and then laughs.

Immoderate, improper laughter ; changeable disposition.


Vertigo when raising the head, with heat of the whole body.

[5] Great forgetfulness ; loses his ideas when he undertakes to write them down.

Giddiness, as if intoxicated, in the forehead ; in the room, but not in the open air.

Giddiness, with fainting.

Pulsating pains in one side of the head (left), extending into the eye.

Pain in the forehead in the evening by candle-light, with burning and pressure in the eyes.

[10] Sudden shock in the forehead and temples.

Sensation, when moving the head, as if the brain were loose, and were tottering to and fro.


Twitching of the eyelids ; twitching and itching of the upper eyelids.

Nightly spasms of the lids.

Inclination to wink and to wipe the eyes, as if a pellicle of gum were drawn over them.

[15] When reading (in the evening) sees as through a gauze.

Dilatation of the pupils.

When reading, the white paper is pale-red.

Sudden flashes before the eyes like electric sparks (during the day).

A quantity of tears rush from the dim eyes as soon as he begins to read.

[20] Lachrymation in the room ; not in the open air.

Heating and lancinating pains in the eyes after surgical operations.


Humming and roaring in the ears, with hardness of hearing ; worse on stooping.


Discharge from the nose (one nostril at a time) of tenacious, thick, dark-black blood, with cold perspiration on the forehead.


Livid complexion.

[25] Circumscribed, burning red spots in the face.

Alternate redness and paleness of the face.

Red, hot face.

Lips cracked.

Mouth and Throat.

White-coated tongue (better after breakfast) ; the papillae are very much erect.

[30] Unusual warmth in the mouth.

Scraping in the throat in the evening before and after, but not during the time he takes his food.

Sensation in the oesophagus as from a plug.

Sensation as if the uvula had been elongated, during and after deglutition.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Thirst in the evening.

[35] Nausea, disappearing in the open air.

Heartburn after eating.

Bloated abdomen.

Sensation as if something living were hopping about in the stomach, abdomen, pit of the stomach (arms and other parts of the body).

Distention of the stomach and abdomen (the stomach feels distended in the morning before eating anything).

[40] Sensation of heaviness in the abdomen, with pressing towards the uterus.

Stool and Anus.

Creeping in the anus, as from ascarides.

Stitches and itching at the anus (stitch extending from the anus through the small of the back into the left groin, increasing during an inspiration).


Men. Excitement of the sexual desire.

Women. Menstruation too early and too profuse.

[45] Haemorrhage from the uterus (during the least movement) ; blood viscid, black, smelling badly (miscarriage third month).

Respiratory Organs.

Oppression of the chest, with the desire to draw a long breath ; relieved by yawning.

Disagreeably-smelling breath.

Violent, dry cough, from irritation in the pharynx ; relieved by pressing with the hand on the pit of the stomach.

Cough, with spitting of blood.

[50] Great feeling of emptiness in the pit of the stomach.

Sensation as if something living were hopping in the chest.


Sensation of coldness in the back.

Swelling of the neck.


Upper. In the shoulder-joint sensation as if the head of the humerus were loose ; cracking.

[55] Sensation as if the arms and hands were gone to sleep.

The arms (forearm) feel heavy, as if bruised.

Burning-tingling and tension in the tips of the fingers.

Chilblains on the hands and fingers.

Lower. Violent cracking of the hip-joint of the knee-joint (when stooping).

[60] Great sensation of weariness in the knee-joints and lower legs.

Chilblains on the toes.

The soles of the feet ache from standing.


Continuous yawning and desire to sleep.

Sleepiness after each meal ; somnolency.

[65] Sings while sleeping.


Sensation as if something living were hopping and jumping in the body.

Tingling in different parts of the body.

Haemorrhages from various organs (blood black, viscid).

St. Vitus' dance (every seven days, with singing, dancing, laughing and singing).

[70] Some limbs go to sleep (at night).


Pulse accelerated ; feverish.

Chill in the afternoon, growing worse in the evening, with chilliness extending from the back into the legs, with trembling.

During the chill (and heat), thirst.

[75] Chilliness ; only the back part of the body.

Flushes of internal heat, with pricking and tingling of the skin.

Heat, mostly of the head and face, with paleness of the cheeks and thirst.

Perspiration very little, and only at night ; cold and debilitating.

Perspiration only on the lower part of the body.


[80] Scarlet redness of the whole body.

Painful suppuration of bruised parts (old cicatrized wounds ; open again, and suppurate).



Especially suitable for women.

Frequent and great changes in the sensations ; the feelings changing suddenly from the greatest hilarity to the deepest despondency.

[85] Aggravation, in the morning early (while fasting), (lassitude, debility).

Amelioration, in the cool, open air.