Cistus canadensis.

Mind and Disposition.

Bad effects from vexation.

Mental excitement increases the suffering (stitches in the throat, producing cough).


Pressure above the eyes, in the forehead.

Headache, worse towards evening, lasting all night.

[5] Head drawn to one side by swelling on the neck.


Feeling of weight above the eyes.

Stitches in the left eye.

Feeling as if something were passing around in the eye, with stitches (scrofulous inflammation of the eyes).


Discharge from the ears (of water and bad-smelling pus).

[10] Inner swelling of the ears (with discharge).

Tetters on and around the ear, extending to the external meatus.

Swelling of the parotid glands.


Frequent and violent sneezing (evenings and mornings).

Cold feeling in the nose.

[15] Inflammation and swelling of the left side of the now (burning).

The tip of the nose is painful.


Flushes of heat in the face.

Heat and burning in the facial bones.

Vesicular erysipelas in the face.

[20] Caries of the lower jaw.

Lupus extends to the mouth and nose.

Mouth and Teeth.

Scorbutic gums, swollen, separating from the teeth, easily bleeding, putrid.

Dryness off the tongue and roof of the mouth.

Sore tongue, as if raw, on the surface.

[25] Sensation of coldness of the tongue, larynx, and trachea : the saliva is cool ; the breath feels cold.

Impure breath.


Dryness and heat in the throat ; he must constantly swallow saliva, to relieve it (drinking water and eating relieve it).

Periodical itching in the throat.

Fauces inflamed and dry without feeling dry, hawking up of tough, gum-like, thick, tasteless phlegm (in the morning).

[30] Hawking of (bitter) mucus, relieving the throat.

Sore pain in the throat and dryness of the tongue in the morning.

Stitches in the throat, causing cough, whenever mentally agitated.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Cool eructations.

Cold feeling in the stomach before and after eating.

[35] Pain in the stomach immediately after eating.

Cold feeling in the whole abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

Diarrhoea, after eating fruit, after drinking coffee.

Thin hot stools, of grayish yellow color, from midnight till noon.

Genital Organs.


Itching on the scrotum.

Respiratory Organs.

[40] Cool feeling in the larynx and trachea.

Feeling as if the trachea were not wide enough (asthma).

Pain in the trachea.

Feeling of rawness, extending from the upper part of the chest into the throat.

Fulness of and pressure on the chest.

[45] Cough, from stitches or painful tearings in the throat.

Cough ; the neck is thickly studded with tumors.

Bleeding at the lungs.

Back and Neck.

Glands on the neck and throat swollen.

Scrofulous swelling and suppuration of the glands of the throat.

[50] Itching on the back.

A burning, bruised pain in the os coccygis, preventing sitting ; aggravated by contact.


Upper. Sprained pain in the wrists.

Pain in the fingers (right hand) while writing.

Tearing in the finger-joints.

[55] The tips of the fingers are very sensitive to the cold.

Tetter on the hands.

Lower. Pains in the knee and right thigh when walking or sitting.

Tearing in the knees (evening).

Piercing pain in the right great toe (evening).

[60] Cold feet.


Trembling (with the fever).

Sensation as if ants were running through the whole body (in the evening, with anxious, difficult breathing).



Cold feeling in the abdomen, larynx.

[65] Chill, followed by fever, with trembling, accompanied by a quick swelling and great redness or the glands below the ear and in the throat.

Heat, with thirst (drinks frequently).


Very restless at night.

Sleeplessness because of the dryness of the throat.

Night sweats.


[70] Itching all over the body without eruption (abdomen, navel, scrotum).

Vesicular erysipelas on the face.

Tetter (cars, hands).

Lupus on the face.

Hard swelling around the mercurial, syphilitic ulcers on the lower limbs.


[75] Aggravation. Evening ; during the night ; in the morning.

Cold air (sore throat).

When lying down (difficulty of breathing).

From drinking coffee (diarrhoea).

From motion.

[80] Amelioration. Fresh air (difficult breathing).