Cannabis sativa.

Mind and Disposition.

The mind is too active ; crowded with ideas.

The ideas seem to stand still ; he unconsciously stares, so if hurried in thoughts.


Sensation as if intoxicated.

Congestion of blood to the head, with pulsation and not unpleasant warmth in it.

[5] Sensation of a heavy weight on the vertex.

Sensation as if drops of cold water were falling on the head.


The cornea becomes opaque.

Specks and pellicle on the cornea.

Weakness of the eyes, and diminished vision.

[10] Cataract.

Ears and Nose.

Throbbing, pushing pain in the ear, disappearing when stooping, and re-appearing when raising the head again.

Pulsation in the ears.

Dryness of the nose, with heat.

Stupefying pressure on the root of the nose.

[15] Swelling and copper-redness of the nose.

Bleeding at the (dry) nose, even to fainting.


Pale face.

Hot face, with red cheeks.

Mouth and Throat.

Dryness of the mouth ; viscid saliva, without thirst.

[20] Eruption in the vermilion border of the lips.

Difficult speech.

Burning in the throat.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Rising of air.

Gulping up of a bitter-sour, acrid fluid.

[25] Vomiting of green bile.

Sensation of soreness of the stomach when touching it, relieved by eating.

Cramp in the stomach, with perspiration of the pale face.

Sensation of soreness in the abdomen, (dropsy).

Shuddering in the abdomen, as if call water were running through it.

Stool and Anus.

[30] Constipation ; stool hard.

Diarrhoea after colic.

Sensation in the anus, as if something were dropping out of it.

Urinary Organs.

Sensation of soreness and inflammation of the kidneys.

Strangury ; painful urging to urinate ; he discharges only a few drops of bloody, burning urine.

[35] During micturition, burning, smarting, or stinging pain in the urethra.

Burning, during and after micturition, (forepart of the urethra).

Spreading stream.

The urethra feels inflamed.

Discharge of watery mucus from the urethra, (gonorrhoea).

[40] Painless discharge of mucus from the urethra.

Genital Organs.

Men. Inflammatory swelling of the prepuce, with dark redness.

The penis feels sore and burnt when walking.

Painful erections.

Sexual desire increased.

[45] Swelling of the prostate gland.

Women. Profuse menstruation.


Asthmatic attacks ; he can only breathe when standing up.

Oppressed breathing, as from a weight on the chest, with wheezing, rattling breathing.

Difficult respiration when lying down.

[50] Loss of voice.

Cough dry, or with green, viscid expectoration.

Inflammation of the lungs, with stitches low downward, or with inflammation of the heart, or with vomiting of bile.

Violent palpitation of the heart.

Shocks and beats in the region of the heart.

[55] Sensation as if drops were falling from the heart.

Inflammation of the heart.


Pain in the back, arresting the breathing.


Upper. Cramp-like contraction of the metacarpal bones, of the (right) hand.

Lower. Pain in the legs, as from great fatigue.

[60] Heaviness of the legs ; he walks in a stagger -and painful weariness of the knew, as from over-exertion.

The patella starts out of its normal position, when going up stairs.


Great debility after dinner, and from exertion.

Exhaustion from talking and writing.

Tetanic spasms of the upper limbs and the trunk.

[65] Sensation, as if drops of cold water were falling, (on the head, from the anus, from the heart).


Great sleepiness in the day-time.

Sleeplessness at night from heat ; he feels as if hot water were poured over him.


Pulse weak, slow, almost imperceptible.

Chilliness, with thirst.

[70] External coldness of the body, with the exception of the face.

Heat only in the face.

Burning heat at night.


Rheumatic tearing, as it were in the periosteum, during motion.


Fatigue after great bodily exertion, or from over-exertion ; fatigue after a very long foot journey.

[75] The weariness is worse after a meal ; from talking ; or writing ; from a little exercise.