Calcarea carbonica.

Mind and Disposition.

Easily frightened, or offended.

Inclination to weep.

Children are self-willed.

Apprehensive anxiety about his health, or of some future misfortune.

[5] Anguish, with palpitation of the heart.

She fears she will lose her understanding, or that people will observe her confusion of mind.

Despairing mood, with fear of disease and misery.

Thinking is difficult.


Vertigo, when ascending a height, walking in the open air, or turning the head quickly, or looking upwards (in the morning).

[10] Mania-a-potu, with delirious talk about fire, rats, mice and murder.

Congestion of blood to the head, with heat and stupefying headache ; with redness of the face and bloatedness ; worse in the morning when awaking, and from spirituous drinks.

Headache, from overlifting.

Fulness and heaviness in the head.

Pulsations in the occiput.

[15] Heat in the vertex.

Headache, with empty eructations and nausea, vertigo ; aggravated from mental exertions, stooping or walking in the open air ; from mental exertions, stooping or walking in the open air ; ameliorated by closing the eyes, and by lying down.

Internal and external sensation of coldness of one (right) side of the head, as if a piece of ice were lying there ; with pale, puffed face.

Enlargement of the head, with open fontanelles.

Profuse perspiration, mostly on the back part of the head and on the neck (in the evening).

[20] Tumors and suppurating boils on the head.

Itching of the hairy scalp -scabs on the head.

Falling off of the hair (sides of the head -temples).


Pressure, itching, burning and stinging in the eyes.

Cutting in the eyes and lids ; worse when reading by candlelight.

[25] Inflammation of the eyes, from foreign bodies coming into them ; in infants, or scrofulous subjects.

Ulcers, and specks on the cornea.

Dimness of the cornea.

Oozing of blood from the eyes.

Watering of the eyes in the morning, or in the open air.

[30] Fungus medullaris.

Fistula lachrymalis.

Pupils dilated.

Dimness of sight (mist before the eyes when looking sharp).

Bright light dazzles the eyes.


[35] Stitches, or pulsations in the ear.

Inflammation of the external and internal ear.

Discharge of pus from the ears.

Tingling in the ears.

Polypus of the ear.

[40] Hardness of bearing, especially after the suppression of intermittent fever by quinine.

Inflammatory swelling of the parotid gland.


Inflamed, swollen, red.

Dryness of the nose.

Nostrils ulcerated and scabby.

[45] Bleeding of the nose (in the morning).

Polypus of the nose.

Stench before the nose (as from manure, gunpowder or putrid eggs).

Stench from the nose.

Smell diminished.


[50] Pale bloatedness of the face.

Yellow color of the face.

Moist, itching, scurfy eruption on the cheeks and forehead (with burning pain).

Eruptions on the lips ; around the mouth ; in the corners of the mouth.

Ulcerated corners of the mouth.

[55] Itching of the face and under the whiskers.

Swelling of the upper lip (in the morning).

Painful hard swelling of the submaxillary glands.


Difficult dentition.

Gums swollen and bleeding.

[60] Toothache, drawing, stinging, from a draft of air ; aggravated by noise, from drinking any thing cold, during and after the catamania, during pregnancy.

Fistula dentalis.


Dryness of the tongue at night, and when awaking.


Accumulation of mucus in the mouth.


[65] Spasmodic contraction of the oesophagus.

Inflammatory swelling of the palate, with blisters on it.

Stinging in the throat when swallowing.

Swelling of the tonsils.

Appetite and Taste.

Continued violent thirst for cold drinks (at night).

[70] Canine hunger (in the morning).

Desire for wine, salt or sweet things.

After drinking milk, nausea and sour eructations.

After eating, heat, or bloatedness, with nausea.

Sour taste of the food, or by itself.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[75] Eructations tasting like the ingesta.

After eating, heartburn, and continued loud belching of wind.

Morning nausea.

Sour vomiting, especially in children, and during dentition.

Vomiting of the ingesta (tasting sour).

[80] Pit of the stomach swollen and painful to pressure.

Pressure and cramp-like pain in the stomach, especially whet fasting, or after meats, with vomiting of the ingesta.

Stinging pain in the liver, (during or after stooping).

Cutting in the upper part of the abdomen.

Sensation of coldness in the abdomen.

[85] Enlargement of the abdomen, with swelling of the mesenteric glands.

Incarcerated flatulence.

Inguinal glands swollen and painful.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation ; stools hard and undigested.

White stools.

[90] Diarrhoea of sour smell ; putrid ; during dentition.

Involuntary stool, (as if fermented).

Tapeworm, and ascarides, with the stool.

Discharge of blood from the rectum.

Prolapsus ani.

[95] Itching of the anus.

Varices, swollen, protruding, burning.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent micturition, also at night.

Urine dark, brown ; with white sediment ; of putrid smell.

Bloody urine.

[100] During micturition, burning in the urethra.

Polypus in the bladder.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Inflammation of the prepuce, with redness and burning pain.

Frequent nocturnal, involuntary emissions.

During coition, erections of too short duration.

[105] Burning and stinging while the semen is discharged during coition.

Women. Catamenia too early, and too profuse.

Suppressed menstruation, with full habit.

During menstruation, cutting in the abdomen ; grabbing in the back ; heat and congestion to the head.

Stitches in the os uteri.

[110] Itching or pressing in the vagina.

Varices on the labile.

Prolapsus uteri, with sensation of pressing on it.

Sterility, with catamenia too early, and too profuse.

Fluor albus like milk ; burning ; itching ; in starts ; during micturition ; before the catamenia.

Larynx and Trachea.

[115] Hoarseness, (painless). Sensation, as if something were torn loose in the trachea.

Tickling cough, caused by a sensation of dust in the larynx.

Ulceration of the larynx.

Cough in the evening in bed, at night ; while sleeping ; with expectoration through the day, but not at night.

Expectoration of thick mucus ; gray, yellow, of putrid smell ; bloody ; purulent ; tasting sour.

[120] Haemoptysis.

Ulceration of the lungs.


Tightness of the chest, as if too full, (filled with blood).

Arrest of breath, when walking against the wind, or stooping.

Burning in the chest.

[125] Inclination to draw a deep breath.

Sensitiveness and sensation of soreness in the chest, drawing a deep breath, and when touching it.

Stitches in the chest, and sides of the chest when as when taking a deep inspiration ; when leaning the painful side.

Palpitation of the heart at night ; after eating ; with anguish.

Trembling pulsation of the heart.

[130] Hot swelling of the mammae.

Secretion of milk too abundant, (galactorrhoea), or suppressed.

Back and Neck.

Pain in the small of the back, or in the neck from over-lifting.

Pain in the small of the back, (as if sprained) ; he can scarcely rise from his seat, after being seated.

Pressing pain between the shoulder-blades, impeding breathing, when moving.

[135] Curvature of the dorsal vertebrae.

Painful swelling of the cervical glands.

Thick, struma-like swelling of the thyroid gland.


Upper. Suppuration of the axillary glands.

Weakness and lameness of the arms, (left).

[140] Pain as if sprained in the wrist-joint, (right).

Arthritic nodosities on the hand and finger-joints.

Deadness of the fingers.

Trembling of the hands.

Lower. Coxalgia, with drawing stitches, or tearing, cutting.

[145] The child is late learning to walk.

Heaviness and stiffness of the legs.

Swelling of the knee.

Tearing and stinging in the knee.

Cramp in the bend of the knee, in the calves of the leg, soles of the feet ; toes ; especially when extending the leg, (pulling on the boots).

[150] Erysipelas, (lower leg, with swelling).

Phlegmasia alba dolens.

Itching on the lower limb and foot-joint.

Burning of the soles of the feet.

Perspiration on the feet, (foot-sweat).

[155] Perspiration of the palms of the hands.

Coldness and deadness of the feet, especially at night, in bed.

Corns, sore, with burning pain.


Great weakness and debility, from a short walk ; from talking.

Cramps in single parts, which draw the limbs cracked, specially the toes and fingers.

[160] Epileptic attacks, at night ; during the full moon ; with hallooing and shouting.

St. Vitus' dance.

Fainting, with loss of sight and coldness.

Full habit and ebullitions.

Tendency in children and young persons to grow very fat.

[165] Bloatedness of body and face, with swelled abdomen, in children.

Great emaciation, with swelled abdomen and good appetite.

Visible quivering of the skin, from the feet to the head, with which he becomes dizzy.

Trembling of inner parts.

[170] Bleeding from inner parts.

Pulsating pains.

Sensation of dryness of inner parts.

Sensation of coldness in inner parts.

Stinging and cutting in outer and inner parts.

[175] Arthritic tearing in the muscles.

Arthritic nodosities.


Sleeplessness, from many thoughts crowding his mind.

When closing his eyes, he has many horrid visions.

He falls asleep late.

[180] Awakens early in the night.

Fearful of fantastic dreams during sleep.

At night, oppression of the chest, with heat and restlessness, thirst.

Sleepy the whole day, and early in the evening.


Pulse full, accelerated or tremulous.

[185] Chilliness, when rising in the morning.

Chilliness, mostly in the evening ; internal with external heat.

Frequent flushes of heat, with anxiety and palpitation of the heart.

Heat, with thirst, followed by chilliness.

Heat, after eating.

[190] Perspiration from the least exertion, even in the open, cold air.

Perspiration, in the first sleep.

Night sweat, especially on head, neck and chest.

Night sweat, sticky only on the legs.


Flaccidity of the skin.

[195] Bloatedness.

Nettle rash, mostly disappearing in the cold air.

Eruptions moist, scurfy. (Milk crust).

Herpes, burning ; chapped ; furfuraceous.

Rhagades, especially in those who work in water.

[200] Unwholesome, readily ulcerating skin ; even small wounds suppurate and do not heal.

Polypus (nose, ear, uterus).

Ulcers, deep ; fistulous ; carious.

Steatoma, reappearing and suppurating every four weeks.

Warts, inflamed ; stinging ; suppurating.

[205] Painful swelling of the glands.


Bones, swelling ; softening ; curvature of ; stinging in ; caries.


Easy straining, from which he gets sore throat, stiff-neck, backache, or headache.

Sprains, from overlifting.

[210] Liability to take cold, and great sensitiveness to moist, cold air.

Aversion to the open air.

Full habit and ebullitions.

Puffiness. (Chlorosis).

Desire to be mortised.

[215] Aggravation. Morning ; evening, or after midnight.

In the cold air, and in wet weather.

After washing, and by cold water.

On awaking.

After eating (smoked meat, milk).

[220] From exertion of the mind (after writing).

From pressure of the clothes.

From sexual excess.

From suppressed perspiration.

Amelioration. After breakfast ; on rising ; from drawing up the limbs ; from loosening the garments.