Aconitum napellus.

Mind and Disposition.

Great, inconsolable anxiety.

Complaining fear of approaching death ; predicts the day he is to die.

Sensitive irritability.


[5] Maliciousness.

Fitful mood, changing from one thing to another ; now he is full of mirth, whistles and warbles a song ; and then he is disposed to weep.

Delirium, especially at night -with ecstasy.

Fear of ghosts.


Vertigo when rising, with nausea ; vanishing of sight ; bleeding of the nose.

[10] Congestion to the head, especially towards evening, with fullness and pulsation in the head, vanishing of sight, singing in the ears, red-hot face.

Inflammation of the brain-sensation of fulness and heaviness in the forehead, with the sensation as if the whole brain would start out of the eyes, with nausea and giddiness, aggravated by talking and from motion.

Burning head-ache, as if the brain was moved by boiling water.

Crampy sensation in the forehead over the root of the nose : it feels as if he would lose his senses.

Sensation of heat in the head, which perspires, with pale face.


[15] Aversion to or great desire for, light.

Ophthalmia, very painful, with blear-eyedness, or from foreign bodies having come into the eyes, (dust, sparks).

Red, bard swelling of the eyelids.


Tearing (left ear).

Roaring in the ears.

[20] Hearing very sensitive, noise is intolerable.


Bleeding of the nose, especially in plethoric persons.


Red and hot.


Red and pale, alternately.

[25] Redness of one cheek and paleness of the other.

When raising himself up, the red face becomes pale.

Perspiration on the side of the face on which he lies.

Tingling in the cheeks.

Lips dry and black, peeling of.


[30] Toothache from cold, with throbbing in one side of the face, intense redness of the cheek, congestion of blood to the head, and great restlessness.


Dryness of the mouth and of the tongue.

Pricking and burning on the tongue.

Tongue coated white.

Trembling and stammering speech.


[35] Tingling in the oesophagus.

Acute inflammation of the throat (palate, tonsils and fauces) with high fever, dark redness of the parts, burning and stinging in the fauces.

Stinging in the throat when swallowing and coughing.

Almost entire inability to swallow, with hoarseness.

Appetite and Taste.

Taste bitter.

[40] Every thing tastes bitter, except water.

Aversion to food.

Burning, unquenchable thirst.


Vomiting, with nausea and thirst, heat, profuse perspiration and increased micturition.

Vomiting of bloody mucus, or of what has been drunk, followed by thirst.

[45] Pressure in the stomach and pit of the stomach, as from a weight or a hard stone.


Tension, heaviness and pressure in the hypochondria.

Inflammation and sensation of soreness in the liver.

Pressure in the region of the liver, with obstruction of breathing.

Inflammation of the peritoneum, with restlessness, sleeplessness and thirst.

[50] Inflammation of the bowels, with burning, tearing pain.

Inflammation of the hernial stricture, with vomiting of bile.

Stool and Anus.

Frequent small stools with tenesmus.

Watery diarrhoea.

Stools, white with dark red urine.

Urinary Organs.

[55] Enuresis, with thirst.

Scanty, red, hot urine, without sediment.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Sexual desire either increased or decreased, with relaxed parts.

Testicles pain, as if bruised.

Women. Catamenia too profuse and too protracted.

[60] Suppressed menstruation from fright.

After pains, too painful and too protracted.

Milk fever (with delirium).

Puerperal peritonitis.

Larynx and Trachea.

Inflammation of Larynx and Bronchia.

[65] Angina membranacea, with dry cough and quick breathing.

Short dry cough from titillation in the larynx.

Cough with stitches in the chest or small of the back.

Expectoration of bloody mucus.



[70] Shortness of breathing, especially when sleeping or raising one's self.

Anxious, labored, sobbing breathing.

Stitches through the chest and side, especially when breathing and coughing.

Pleurisy and Pneumonia, especially with great heat, much thirst, dry cough and great nervous excitability, only somewhat relieved when lying on the back.

Asthma of Millar.

[75] Oppression of the chest preventing deep breathing.

Palpitation of the heart, with great anguish.

Inflammation of the heart.

Chronic diseases of the heart, with continuous pressure in the left side of the chest, oppressed breathing when moving fast and ascending steps, stitches in the region of the heart, congestions to the head ; attacks of fainting and tingling in the fingers.


Pain, as if bruised in the small of the back.

[80] Tingling in the back.

Upper Extremities.

Tingling in the fingers, even while writing.

Icy coldness of the hands.

Hot hands with cold feet.

Numbness in the left arm ; -he can scarcely move the hand.

Lower Extremities.

[85] The hip-joint feels as if bruised.

Drawing tearing pains in the knee-joint.

Unsteadiness of the knees.

Coldness of the feet up to the ankles, or only of the toes, with perspiration of the toes and soles of the feet.


Fainting, especially when rising, with paleness of the cheeks, which were red when lying.

[90] Sudden great sinking of strength.

Lameness (paralysis) (left side).

Cataleptic attacks, with rigor of the body, loud lamentations and grinding of the teeth.

Burning in internal parts.

Congestions (head, chest, heart).

[95] Inflammations (serous membranes).

Stinging pains in internal organs.

Tearing in external parts (Rheumatism).

Tingling (fingers, oesophagus, cheeks, back).

Painful sensitiveness of the body to contact : he does not wish to be touched.

[100] Attacks of pain, with thirst and redness of the face.


Sleeplessness, with restlessness (eyes closed) and constant tossing about.

Anxious dreams, with much talking and moving while sleeping.



Pulse. Hard, full, frequent ; sometimes intermitting ; when slow, almost imperceptible (thread like).

[105] Fever. Sensation of coldness in the blood-vessels.

Chilliness. From being uncovered and from being touched.

Chilliness, with thirst.

Shuddering runs up from the feet to the chest.

Chill, with internal heat, anxiety and red cheeks.

[110] Heat, with agonized tossing about.

Dry burning heat, generally extending from the head and face, with much thirst for cold drinks.

Heat, with inclination to uncover.

Heat, with chilliness at the same time.

Inflammatory fevers and inflammations, with much heat, dry burning skin, violent thirst, red face, or alternate red and pale face, nervous excitability, groaning and agonized tossing about, shortness of breath, and congestion to the head.

[115] Perspiration over the whole body, especially the covered parts, smelling sour.


Red, hot, swollen and shining skin, with violent pain.

Rash of children.

Burning in the skin.

Yellow face.


[120] While at rest, he is better ; but during the night, in bed, the pain is insupportable.

Bad effects from dry cold air, suppressed perspiration, from fright, with fear and anger.

Aggravation in the evening (chest symptoms) when lying on the (left) side ; when rising ; in the warm room.

Amelioration. In the open air (nervous symptoms) ; when sitting still (rheumatism).